8 Ways To Use Google Plus To Promote Your Products & Services

With all the recent hype surrounding Google Plus, today I thought it would be cool to write a post outlining some of the valuable benefits, from a business perspective, on how to effectively use the relatively new social media platform to promote your products and services online.

The latest studies revealed that Google Plus had soared, obtaining in excess of 25 million users worldwide since it began dishing out invitations in early July this year, smashing any other previously growth records set by its main rivals, in particular Facebook.

Whilst it’s still very early days yet for Google Plus, I do believe that now couldn’t be a better time to start using it effectively in your social media marketing efforts.

Google Plus

OK, enough of statistics, let’s take a look at how you can leverage Google Plus to promote your own products and services, and effectively to promote your business as a whole, online.

1. Complete your Google Plus ‘about’ profile page

Very important, as with any prospective online profile, your first duty is to complete your ‘about’ page with information about you and your business. Your Google Plus page gives you the opportunity to complete an ‘introduction’, where you can write a fully fledged profile article about yourself and your business, so ensure you take full advantage of this.  There are also fields for outlining your bragging rights, your occupation, your employment and education which are amongst the most essential areas of your about profile to complete.

2. Create a unique circle for your clients / customers

One of the most powerful features with Google Plus is Google+ Circles. This feature allows you to organize your contacts more efficiently and more over share relevant content with those contacts. By creating a circle specifically for your business clients, you can post and share any information about your business with those clients, such as relevant links, product photos, product videos, your latest product reviews, news and promotions etc.

Creating a Circle in Google Plus for your clients is almost like building a list of email subscribers. Eventually when Google Plus is made available to everyone, you can give new potential customers the option to subscribe by joining you on Google Plus.

3. Engage with your users

OK, now that you’ve been able to invite your clients via email, Twitter or Facebook perhaps, you can then begin to think about engaging with them on a professional level.

You can do this in many ways, here are some examples.

  • Post engaging questions
  • Get an opinion
  • Ask for feedback on your latest products, services
  • Ask for feedback on level of customer service
  • Ask your clients which areas of your business they would most like to see improvements made
  • Create a contest or giveaway

These are just a small handful of examples of how to engage with your clients in Google+.

4. Add links to your blog, website & other important pages

Remember that you can customize the links sidebar in your profile page to give further online exposure to your business blog, eCommerce website etc. You can also add your RSS feed URL, and links to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

5. Upload stock photos

If you run an eCommerce site, you’ll most likely have some stock photos stashed away somewhere on your computer, or perhaps photos of affiliate products. You can upload them to your online vault and choose which one’s to display in your profile. You can also take advantage of the photo tagging feature. Using photos is a great way to promote your products online.

6. Share your latest videos

Share your latest product review videos or latest video blog with your clients.

7. Share your content using Buzz

Google Buzz has been around for a little while now, it enables you and your users to share content from your website or blog, in micro-blogging form almost, just as you would do using RSS Graffiti or a similar app to share content onto your Facebook page. You’ll just need to ensure that your blog or web store has the Buzz button enabled.

8. Post your recent client feedback

Finally, feedback is essential to any aspiring business. It provides valid proof that your company is a legitimate organization, and those already using your products and services have rated your level of service accordingly. Posting such feedback on your Google+ profile can provide you with much more credibility and entice further leads and sales to your business.

So in a nutshell that’s some of the advantages of using Google Plus to promote your business (Affiliate link), products and services online. If you’re looking for another social platform to use, Google Plus is a great addition and there is still plenty to come from them, if you’re still looking for an invitation click here.

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  1. Fabrizio,

    I get all of the points you are making here, except #5 Upload Stock Photos. I dont think I know what you mean here.

    Do you mean that if we have stock photos of our products? Or actually upload stock photography?

    Buddy Scalera

    • Hi Buddy, thanks for stopping by. I mean by uploading images that you have taken yourself of stock for example I run an online art business and take my own stock photos, so just as you would in your Facebook page you can upload your own stock photography. If you have the publishing rights to use stock photos that you don’t own youself then this can work too I guess.

  2. Samantha says:

    Great tips, great idea with the stock photo’s I do the same with Facebook which is really effective :)

  3. Thanks Siddharth

  4. Michael says:

    The $64,000 question – do you think Google Plus ends up being a meaningful player, or does it just add more noise to the landscape?
    Michael recently posted..Selling Your Company ConfidentiallyMy Profile

    • If I had to be 101% completely honest I’d probably feel at this point that yes, it does just add more noise to the landscape so to speak… But hopefully it will have a lo more to offer as time progresses.

  5. David Stanley says:

    Does getting more plus ones to your website really help your search engine rankings? I was thinking of trying out a package from Buy Plus Ones as I have read a lot of good reviews of their services online but am still not quite convinced to give it a try yet.

    Has anyone used any plus one service with good results? I would be interested to know. Thanks

  6. Bill says:

    Is there any evidence that Google+ is affecting SERPs yet?

    I don’t find the google+ system very intutive – is just me?
    Bill recently posted..Finistere and coastlineMy Profile

  7. John says:

    Google will make sure that Google+ is an success. The only way for webmaster to be really interested is to make it worth for them and say there will be some influence from running G+ account on SERP. The next will be G+ real time search which was before with TW but with anticipation of upcoming G+, google has not renewed the agreement with TW!

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