28 Powerful Ways To Get More Twitter Followers Fast

Get More Twitter Followers Fast

One of the most powerful methods of traffic generation is through social media, but not without putting in the hard work.  Let’s look at Twitter for example; This is one of my favorite social networking sites to use for business and if you haven’t already realized it’s potential for your business in terms of traffic and communicating with your customers then perhaps you ought to check out this case study.

Twitter currently has over 200 million users worldwide, with around 50% logging in each day and sending in excess of 200 million tweets per day according to Mashable.

Remarkably despite Twitter’s popularity there are still many business individuals out there, particular newcomers to the world of internet marketing and small business blogging that still don’t know what or how this powerful social bookmarking site works.  So in a nutshell, just how does twitter work and how can you use it to generate traffic to your site?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an advanced online messaging system in which users are able to send real-time messages to their friends, families and professional followers using up to 140 characters or less.  Messages are composed within the site itself, and more recently you can now add and share photos, videos and your current location in your timely messages.

Twitter Ads also enables users and businesses to promote their tweets to help them reach out to a wider audience.

The key to succeeding with generating targeted traffic from Twitter is by having targeted followers, and lots of them.  In this post I’m going to share with you 28 effective ways to get more Twitter followers fast.

How To Catapult  Your Twitter Followers Through The Roof

1. Follow other People

This is a very simple method of getting started with building a following on Twitter, and that’s simply by following other people within your own niche.  This means finding and following people who share the same interests as you and your business.  More than likely many of those you follow will start to follow you back if they feel your tweets are interesting.

2. Connect your Twitter Account with your Facebook Account

One of the great things about Twitter and Facebook, and most other popular social media platforms is that you can cross promote your activities so that they appear on your other social profiles.

For example connecting your Twitter account with your Facebook page will enable you to share your messages and Tweets with your Facebook fans as well as Twitter fans.  Doing this can entice fans of your Facebook page to also follow you on Twitter.

3. Brand your Stationary

Brand your stationary such as pens, letterheads, compliment slips, business cards etc with your Twitter ID, for example you could add ‘Follow us on Twitter @vanmarciano with your company logo.

4. Brand your Gifts and Incentives

You could also brand mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, stickers and any other marketing material you get your hands on with your Twitter ID.  Perfect for handing out to your loyal customers at Christmas.

5. Comment on Blogs That Uses Twitter ID

There are many blogs out there that allow you to leave a comment using your Twitter ID such as blogs that use Disqus, LiveFyre and Intense Debate.  You can also find blogs that allow you to leave your ID just after your comment also such as CommentLuv enabled blogs.  Make a note of all the blogs that use Twitter ID and comment on them regularly, this is a very powerful way to get more followers and targeted ones too.

6. Add Twitter ID to your Information Products

If you have an eBook or offer an eCourse to your audience or any other type of content and info based digital produtcs, you can promote your profile and entice new followers by adding your little ‘Follow us on Twitter’ slogan to them, maybe at the bottom of each page.

7. Use your Twitter ID as Email Signature

I use WiseStamp to accomplish adding my Twitter ID to my outgoing emails, this little tool also enables me to add my most recent tweet(s) also.  WiseStamp is a useful plugin that works with most email clients such as Gmail and Hotmail, give it a try.

8. Add ‘Follow us on Twitter’ Slogan to your Blog or Website

So simple yet I see so many blogs that don’t so this.  Your blog or website is amongst the best places on the web to display your twitter ID.  Make sure you place yours in a prime location such as the homepage of your website and above the fold where everybody who visits your blog for the first time can see.

9. Use your Twitter ID on Forums

Forums are also a great place to attract lots of targeted followers.  Place your Twitter ID as your profile signature to each of your forum profiles.

10. Get your Twitter ID in your Author Box

If you’re into guest blogging or article submission, make sure your Twitter ID is present in your guest blogging author box.  The best thing about promoting your twitter profile through guest blogging is that you’re going to attract a lot of targeted followers.

11. Business Directories

Business directories are not dead!  There are still many great ones about, and if your business is listed in them, chances are you can also add your twitter profile or Facebook page to them.

12. Use TwitterCounter

A cool website that enables users to track their twitter growth metrics and statistics, tweets and get more followers.

13. Use TwitterKarma

This is a useful tool to use when you want to get rid of all those you’re following that haven’t followed you back.  But don’t get carried away with it, you should only use it on rare occasions, or when the number of people you’re following exceeds the number of people following you.  You can find twitter karma here >> http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/

14. Personalize your Twitter Page

Many people fail to do the simple task of personalizing or branding their Twitter page, I mean how much effort does it really take to upload your own avatar and add a short meaningful bio, and a snazzy background image?

I can tell you for a fact now that business users and professionals are more likely to follow you back, if your profile appears to be unique, rather than just use the default settings.  It makes them feel as if you actually care about how you use twitter and how you appear to others.

15. Link your Twitter Account with your LinkedIn Profile

16. Make use of Hashtags

Make sure you make good use of the occasional #hashtags in your tweets and messages.  Hashtags help users on twitter to search and find for more related content to your own, and if your post contains a relevant hashtag, that means more exposure for your tweets and messages, which could also mean you get a few more followers.

17. Add your Twitter ID to your Google+ profile and page bio

18. Connect your account to content curation sites and social book marking sites

If you use Scoop.it, Pinterest, Storify and other similar content curation sites to promote your content or business, ensure you have your twitter account connected to your profiles.

19. Buy Targeted Followers

This is an option, but my personal recommendation is… Don’t waste your money!  I had to add it to the list because it’s an option.

20. Retweet Often

Tweet your own content as well as other users content, give your followers a variety of topics to discover and you’ll soon start to get more Twitter followers fast.

21. Stay on Topic

If you want to get more followers the right way, don’t use your Twitter account to retweet any old useless garbage that you damn well know your followers won’t appreciate of even be interested in.  Make your selections wisely.

Most of the lovely people following me right now are small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, SEO people, social media enthusiasts and internet marketers, so I’m always going to be tweeting and sharing interesting topic related content with them.

22. Add your Twitter ID to your Email Marketing Newsletters

MailChimp makes this very easy…

23. Mention your Twitter profile in your podcast episodes

24. Mention and add your twitter ID to your YouTube videos

25. Add your profile ID to your YouTube channel

26. Write a milestone celebration post on your blog for each time you hit another thousand followers on Twitter, and share your tips and strategies, works a treat for me.

27. Use JustRetweet to promote your twitter profile and increase social shares to your website or blog content.

28. Engage More… to Get More Twitter Followers

One of the best ways to get more followers is by being active on the site frequently.  Don’t just tweet, give thanks, start conversations, share photos and videos and more.

Follow these 28 top-tips and I guarantee that you will double or even triple your followers over time.  These tactics have helped me build over 12,000 followers on Twitter, and it’s still growing.

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