Top Recommended Premium WordPress Theme Creators For Your Business Website

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management and publishing platform on the web.  What makes WordPress so special is that it gives users the ability to customize their site just the way they want it to look, using a variety of plugins, themes and custom coding for experienced users.

On the subject of WordPress themes, there are many great free themes available for you to use in your WordPress site (hosted), but today we’re going to look at a few premium theme creators.

Premium themes are designed to help WordPress users create a more professional looking web presence for their business, as well as take advantage of a host of other benefits such as site performance and security.  Although there are undoubtedly many great free themes out there, we always recommend using a premium theme for your WordPress project.

Below you will find our choice of the top recommended premium WordPress theme designers we think that are worth checking out, and investing your time and money into, especially if you value your brand image and how your business performs online.

1. StudioPress / Genesis Theme Framework
Top Premium WordPress Theme Designers

Let us start with what we believe to be amongst the very best in the business, and that’s the premium themes designed by the folks over at StudioPress.

StudioPress by CopyBlogger are the brains behind Genesis Framework, a powerful WordPress framework professionally designed and coded to make WordPress work super efficiently.

StudioPress currently have 59 plus amazing child themes added to their library, many with HTML5 markup and mobile responsive, and they’re consistently working on developing new ones.  There are also many themes available from third party Genesis designers.  StudioPress currently have over 100,000 users worldwide of their software.  You can find out more and take Genesis for a test-drive here.

2. Thesis by DIY Themes

Thesis by DIY themes is another amazing and powerful theme framework for WordPress and is used by many top bloggers.  Thesis gives users complete control over the design and layout aspect of their blogs, without needing to have any knowledge or experience of coding.

Thesis uses a template editor where you can add and remove boxes accordingly to make your WordPress site the way you want it to look.

There’s also a large selection of skins (themes) available for Thesis in-house and third-party.  Perhaps not as refined or polished as Genesis and StudioPress themes, but still one of the best theme frameworks available out there.  You can learn more about Thesis and try it for yourself here.

3. WP Zoom

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and contemporary perhaps then you simply have to check out the beautiful collection of magazine style WordPress themes from WPZoom.  There are over 53 themes (and counting) to choose from at WP Zoom, and when you purchase a theme it comes complete with theme documentation and full technical support and updates for 12 months according to their website.  You can learn more about WPZoom here.

4. Templatic Themes

Templatic Themes have always been one of our top picks of premium theme creators.  They offer a complete solution to small business owners and bloggers who are looking to take their online presence to the next level.  With simple implementation, affordability and a well crafted collection of theme designs to choose from, there is something to suit all types of businesses, from eCommerce storefront to social style and blogging themes.

Templatic also offer complete support, a help desk and community forum as well as a rewarding affiliate program so that you can make money recommending their themes to others.  You can check out their themes gallery here.

5. Elegant Themes

Last but not least in our top 5 choice of theme creators are from the crew over at Elegant Themes.  ET offers a huge library of premium themes, and starting around $39 you get full unlimited access to all of their themes, and there are over 85 of them to choose from.

As well as this, Elegant Themes boasts a great support forum, FAQ and trouble shooting section and not to forget a rewarding affiliate program you can participate in.

There are currently over 200,000 customers that use Elegant Themes for their blogging and business needs.  As well as themes you can also find a host of useful premium plugins at ET.  You can check out their stunning collection of themes and plugins here!

So after spoiling you with several choices, which one of these are you likely to choose for your next WordPress project?