How To Write Killer Blog Post Opening Paragraphs

The headline title of a blog post is important as a lot of experienced bloggers know, and for newbies learning how to write great headline titles is essential, however today we’re going to look at another important area of your post. One that can help you retain the interest of your readers fairly quickly, the blog post opening paragraphs.

Opening paragraphs of a blog post are the first few lines that your readers will begin to read after being compelled to click on your ‘attention grabbing’ headline title, so it’s important that you make your blog post opener a real good one.

It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your post is going to be and how valuable your content is either, if you fail to impress in your opening paragraph you can forget the rest of your article right now.

Here are 4 tips for to help you to write killer ‘head turning’ blog post opening paragraphs for your blog posts and retain your reader’s interest.


4 Tips For Writing Powerful Blog Post Opening Paragraphs

1. Get to the point quickly

Remember if you’ve managed to grab your audiences attention with a great catchy headline title, having a great opening paragraph is then your next unique opportunity to make sure that they remain interested, so don’t beat about the bush, get to the point as to what your post is going to be about, prepare your readers for an epic reading experience.

Don’t save anything or your best stuff for last either, if you’re readers lose interest or don’t find what they’re looking for in the first few lines of reading, they won’t read the rest of your article.

2. Keep it short and sweet

Here’s another tip for you, keep your opening paragraph to around 3 or 4 sentences long. Whilst you want to retain your reader’s interest you don’t want to give them too much all in one dose. Keep it short and sweet.

3. Ask the questions you’re going to have an answer for

One of the many reasons why a lot of people come to blog’s is to find a solution to a problem, they want answers, so they’ll want to know whether reading your article is going to help them solve a problem or not, partly or wholly. Ask the questions you’re hoping to provide answers for later on in your post. This is another powerful way to entice readers to keep reading too.

You could also consider wrapping your questions in block quotes.

4. Set the tone for your post

Finally set the tone of your post from the word go, make it an encouraging reading experience, and add humor. Don’t forget to make your content interactive and engaging too. Do what ever you need to set the tone and environment you want to achieve for the post in your opening paragraph.

So there you have it troops, creating great content starts from your blog post opening paragraphs, so the next time you begin to write your next killer post, think about how you’re going to open it up to your readers.

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