How to Use Google Analytics to Help You Decide What Blog Post to Write Next

Want to know what blog post to write next? Then read on… An overwhelming fact is that information on the internet is doubling every two years; that’s a lot of data clogging up the world wide web don’t you think? Using Google Analytics to collect data from your blog is essential, right from the start, so be sure if you’ve just started out to install analytics into your blog.

Unfortunately many bloggers fail to understand that collecting data is one thing, and knowing what to do with that data is completely another.

Google Analytics is currently installed in more than 10 million websites. Understanding how our website performs has never been more accessible. In this post I want to share with you a single tip in using Google Analytics to help you decide what blog post to write next.

Understanding what blog post to write next can be the key to your blog’s success, and building targeted traffic and reducing bounce rate, so let’s begin.

Before you can decide what post to write next, you first need to understand the traffic you are receiving. So the data we’re going to look at in Google Analytics is going to answer a few questions for us.

What questions or search queries is currently sending traffic to your blog, even though the content isn’t really answering that particular question or fulfilling the search queries being made?

To find this information out first log into your Google Analytics dashboard and select the website you want to analyze as you would normally.

Then select Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic.

What blog post to write next


Now the organic search traffic data will be displayed. Now select secondary dimensionand select or type in landing page. See image below.

What blog post to write next

What blog post to write next


The page will load and you will see pages of data showing the keyword users are using in the search engines, which has led them to land on the subsequent pages within your blog.

Now let’s say I want to filter the search queries further, so I enter ‘How to’ in the search box and the results I will generate from this will be all the search queries starting with ‘How to’.

What blog post to write next

So what kind of results are we looking for that can help us decide what post to write next? Here is an example.

What blog post to write next


The image above shows that the search query being used is ‘promote YouTube videos’. It has sent 54 visitors to a page on my blog that explains How to promote your YouTube channel, so whilst it’s on the subject line, its not really answering the question or fulfilling the request. We can see this by the high bounce rate, and time being spent on that page.

This now creates an opportunity for me to write a more targeted post on ways to promote YouTube videos. This is just one classic example; I can filter as many search queries as possible to find out what to write next.

Check it out for yourself, head over to your Analytics and see if you can find what to write next on your blog.

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