Major Opportunities And Challenges Of Leveraging Twitter Advertising

As we all know, social media is very much a driving force in today’s market.  There are many different and wildly successful platforms that operate as social media today.  More come up every other day, but as far as continuity and tenure goes, Twitter is one of the oldest and most successful platforms today.  And […]

5 Reasons I Will Never Follow You Back On Twitter

Twitter has always been my favorite place for engaging and building relationships with people online, and getting traffic.  Second would be donated to Facebook and 3rd probably to LinkedIn.  In the last 3 months Twitter has been in my top 5 for traffic sources to my blog, and that’s largely thanks to using JustRetweet. I’m […]

How to Really Use Twitter for Your Business

How can you use Twitter for your business in 2013? Twitter is a popular social networking tool that boasts thousands of new users each day. The site is great for individuals who want to have an easy to use micro-blogging site.  However, Twitter is also a great choice for large and small businesses that want […]

Making the Most of Social Media

Promoting a business is not done the same way as it was 20 years ago. This is a fact that has been reiterated time and again. Everyone is well aware of the impact the Internet has had on marketing. Email marketing, banner ads and other methods of connecting with customers have changed the playing field […]

Who Is Using Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools are used by a wide variety of agencies and companies for everything from PR and marketing to market research, advertising, customer service and business development. I hear about new uses for social media monitoring every week. And it’s not just online or retail businesses doing the monitoring. I read a case […]

How Can Social Media Monitoring Improve My Marketing Campaign?

Social media monitoring, How can you use it to Improve your Marketing Campaign? – The initial growth of the Internet allowed marketers to target narrow demographics. If a website is about weightlifting, weight lifting companies would buy banner ad space and be able to target the readers of that website. Ads could be further tailored […]

Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps – You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software. It has […]