How to Use Google Analytics to Help You Decide What Blog Post to Write Next

Want to know what blog post to write next? Then read on… An overwhelming fact is that information on the internet is doubling every two years; that’s a lot of data clogging up the world wide web don’t you think? Using Google Analytics to collect data from your blog is essential, right from the start, [...]

How to Use Instagram and Flickr to Promote Your Business

Instagram and Flickr: Photo sharing has become a viable business promotional technique that many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to promote their brand and businesses. An image can say a thousand words and when used well, can even attract more potential customers to a business. Instagram and Flickr are among the most patronized photo [...]

10 Top Business Ideas to Consider in 2012

Looking for some business ideas and suggestions? – I’ve said this many times before and boy I’ll say it again… there is no greater reward than to be able to wake up each morning, knowing that your place of work is no more than a stumble away. What am I talking about? Yep you’ve guessed [...]

Bloggers: 11 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Why promote your YouTube channel? – In May 2011, YouTube reported in its company blog that the site was receiving in excess of three billion views per day, so when it comes to utilizing YouTube to effectively market your business or your blog online, it’s a pretty big deal right? Video marketing is something you [...]

How Much Traffic Do I Need to Make More Money from My Blog?

When is it the right time to start making more money from blogging? Or more appropriately, how much traffic do I need to make more money from my blog… This is one of the questions I get emailed to me frequently from newbies. I don’t think that there is an honest answer to this question [...]

20+ Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers Fast

Get more YouTube Subscribers – Any serious internet marketer will tell you that YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. With video marketing you are able to target and send out a direct message to your market audience, whether you us it to drive targeted traffic to your site or [...]

45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

So why should you promote your YouTube channel? Using YouTube is a great way to promote your business, products and services online. With over 3 billion view per day, YouTube us definitely one of the most resourceful social media marketing tools available on the web. The great thing about using YouTube is that you can [...]