Tips For Choosing An Autoresponder Service

There are several factors and features which should be considered when selecting an autoresponder service.

First and foremost, you will want unlimited hits. All autoresponders are designed to process large quantities of data fast and easily. However, if you have to pay every time someone requests for information from your autoresponder, you will find it difficult to break even. Therefore, you must choose a service with unlimited hits.

A good autoresponder service allows you to see the number of requests for each of your autoresponders. This will enable you to keep track of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. If something works and attracts many requests, you can easily multiply your efforts on the internet for more success.

A decent autoresponder service will allow you to change the unlimited times for all your autoresponders at no additional cost. This is important as you will want to test different subject lines and sales letters. You will also want to keep your visitors updated about your company. Therefore, make sure the service you choose lets you alter information without an extra fee.

A good autoresponder service will allow you to send messages at specific times. This is important because many prospects must be exposed to a service or product several times before buying. Your autoresponder should be able to turn one visit to your site and/or products to several exposures.

Make sure the service you choose allows you to have autoresponders of unlimited text length. Research has shown that long sales letters are more effective than shorter ones. If the autoresponder limits the length of the letter, you might have to change a great sales letter, which in turn can affect your profits significantly.

An essential feature of a good autoresponder service is the ability to store the email addresses of individuals who have requested information. Capturing contacts is important for following up the initial offer. Make sure you can get access to the autoresponder logs so as to get this information.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of the autoresponder service. If the service is charging too much, you will want to look for another service fast before your profits dwindle away.

There are many sites out there offering free autoresponders which appear to have many of the features above. However, be cautious. These services will put other people’s ads into your autoresponder, thus making it look very unprofessional. An unprofessional appearance is likely to result in lower sales.

Image courtesy of Free Digital Images user: renjith krishnan

  • Graham Lutz

    Got to Aweber, hands down.

  • Kevin Kimes

    I’m familiar with autoresponder, but are you referring to services like Aweber when you say “autoresponder service”? I’m not familiar with interactive email services you mentioned. Are you talking about a service where the list members can send an email to the list and be sent information back?

  • Samantha

    Yeah I think awebber is the best autoresponder currently, but others like mailchimp are also boasting a really good autoresponder service.

  • Stam

    Webern and Get Response are the best 2 auto responders out there. With each you can have unlimited courses and you can choose the exact time when you want the emails to be delivered.

  • Damien

    I have used several autoresponders but for straight autresponder Aweber gets my vote. If you are looking to integrate with shopping cart etc GoldBarOne is a great alternative. Mailchimp and Get Response offer some extras you don’t get with Aweber but Aweber’s hit rate (emails that get through) is the best in my tests.

  • Torry

    I am using aweber,so far so good :)

  • Vickie

    I’m new in internet marketing I was thinking what is the best autoresponder..Thanks for your tips here… i will try aweber