Taking Your Blog Mobile: Are You Geared Up?

These day’s we’re on the move more than ever, living busier lifestyles and trying to be in more than one place at any given time. If your lifestyle demands that you spend a lot of your time away from the desk, it can be challenging for you to find time to write posts or to generally update your blog. Here are a few quick solutions.

1. Get a netbook/ tablet computer!

My top recommendation is to get a netbook/ tablet computer if you don’t already have once. They are small compact laptops which you can carry around with you everywhere as they’re light and easy to store away. I prefer these to carrying a heavy laptop with me.

Many people believe that the trusty old netbook is becoming somewhat obsolete since the arrival of tablet computers such as the iPad, but I beg to differ on this. Netbooks are less expensive than tablet computers and I feel that they’re a lot more robust too, netbooks are also equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities as standard and you can pretty much use a dongle (wireless internet) to get you geared up in any case.

2. Get a smartphone

I don’t need to elaborate on what a smartphone is but I know one thing, I simply couldn’t cope with going away on my holidays or business trips without one. If you have an iPhone or something similar, you can access many features such as the blogger and WordPress app to get you blogging on the move.

iPhone Blogger

3. Use cybercafés

My last choice, and not my top choice of places to be updating your blog, but if you’re left with no other options whilst you are away, you can always find the nearest internet or cybercafé to get the job done. They’re quiet popular in more built up commercial areas and cities. Many public now places also offer Wi-Fi services (like McDonald’s :) – where you can use your own device to connect to.


 Over to you…

If you have any tips or suggestions on taking your blog mobile, or experiences with using any of the above methods then please shout about it in the comments section below.

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