Social Media Trends 2012: What To Look Out For in 2012

Social Media Trends 2012 – Social media will continue to grow and become more versatile this year. A large number of businesses are investing considerable resources into this channel. Social media marketing is no longer an experimental initiative; it requires investment of significant time and resources. Some likely trends for the coming year are discussed [...]

YouTube or Vimeo for Your Business?

YouTube or Vimeo, which do you use for business? Today you will hardly find a person who doesn’t know or hasn’t used the service Vimeo Views. This service helps people who own a video to get as many views as possible. But before getting views there comes the choice of the video-sharing platform. Everybody knows [...]

Bloggers: 11 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Why promote your YouTube channel? – In May 2011, YouTube reported in its company blog that the site was receiving in excess of three billion views per day, so when it comes to utilizing YouTube to effectively market your business or your blog online, it’s a pretty big deal right? Video marketing is something you [...]

20+ Ways to get more YouTube Subscribers Fast

Get more YouTube Subscribers – Any serious internet marketer will tell you that YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. With video marketing you are able to target and send out a direct message to your market audience, whether you us it to drive targeted traffic to your site or [...]

Video Marketing – Four Simple Yet Very Effective Points to Remember when Creating Videos

Slowly but surely, Internet is taking the place of Television as the primary medium where customers hover around to find some entertainment amongst the myriad of advertisements. Many people now choose to watch their favorite shows and programs on the internet in their own time and convenience, and with smartphones becoming more and more commonplace, [...]

YouTube Videos: 6 Ways to Promote your Products & Services Online

You’re probably familiar with YouTube no doubt, and you know that many marketers and entrepreneurs alike use YouTube to create inspiring videos to promote either themselves, their products and services or their websites even. If you run an ecommerce website then using video’s can be a great way to promote your own products online, and [...]

How To Effectively Build An Email List Using Social Media

Thinking positively of course, it would seem that businesses of all shapes and sizes are realizing the potential of social media, and therefore jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt not to be the one left out in the rain so to speak. Whilst social media has many implications and methods in which you can [...]

45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

So why should you promote your YouTube channel? Using YouTube is a great way to promote your business, products and services online. With over 3 billion view per day, YouTube us definitely one of the most resourceful social media marketing tools available on the web. The great thing about using YouTube is that you can [...]