16 Unstoppable Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos

How are you going to promote your YouTube videos in 2013?  Read on to find out… We all know how popular YouTube has become over the recent years, and this year it’s going to prove even more popular as to how many businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone doing business online will turn to video marketing, [...]

5 Simple Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2012

This post looks at 5 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2012 – With the increasing release of new internet innovations, new tools and services is changing the way we market and promote our online profiles, whether it be Facebook or Twitter or anything else, and your YouTube channel is of course no [...]

How to Make Money with YouTube

You can make money online these days using most popular social and eCommerce platforms, eBay, Amazon, selling tweets on Twitter, mentions on Facebook, you can sell art and crafty things on Etsy; you can also make money with YouTube. Want to know how? Stick around and you’ll find out, as today we’re going to look [...]

10 Reasons Why Your YouTube Videos Suck and How to Improve Them

So why does your YouTube videos suck? – Like you, I love watching videos on YouTube, I mean who doesn’t? I watch videos on YouTube for several reasons, to find out information about something I really want to know about and foremost to see how others create and portrait themselves and their content in their [...]