6 Essential Widgets Every Blog Should Have In The Sidebar

In this post we’re going to look at 6 essential widgets to place in your blog’s sidebar… How many times have you changed what you have displayed in your blog’s sidebar in the last 6 months or so?  Lost count?  Its OK, I’m guilty of it too, as I’m constantly removing and adding things to [...]

7 Free Blog Stats, Widgets & Counters for your Blog

We all love to place site counters on our blog’s! Blog widgets and counters are great for keeping a quick tab on the number of hits to your blog; they also serve a good purpose for giving others an indication of just how popular your blog is too. Check out these seven cool free blog [...]

15 Recommended WordPress Plugins for Newbie Bloggers

WordPress is unlike any other blogging platform and definitely my top choice for web publishing! It offers complete creative freedom with an abundance of themes and plugins to make your blog completely unique. On the subject of plugins, the WordPress plugin directory has literally thousands of them available, with new ones constantly rolling out, some [...]