New Logo Design for Magnet4Marketing

New Logo Design for Magnet4Marketing – Hey folks I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the new Magnet4Marketing logo in the header this week, and that’s thanks to Ifham Khan, a young and energetic graphic designer behind the new logo design. Samantha and I have been working with Ifham for the last couple of weeks, tweaking and [...]

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Site Acceleration

Find out WHY site acceleration will supercharge your conversion rate! Website developers focus a lot on their content and not on the technical aspects of making sure that they make money with their websites. As a result, site acceleration is an often-overlooked aspect of both search engine optimization and website monetization. Especially post-Panda, website owners [...]

It’s All In Your Header!

There is nothing worst than arriving at a blog or a website that boasts a poor excuse for a header. Customizing your site’s header is one of the simplest methods of personalization that you can do, depending on the platform or software you’re using; it also happens to be one of the most important methods [...]

How To Create A Pop-Up Window In Moonfruit Site Using JavaScript Code

Over the next few months’ we’ll be adding some top tips and tricks on designing your website using Moonfruit’s SiteMakers 5. Moonfruit is probably the most simple yet most powerful online drag-and-drop based web publishing tool in the world! In this post we’re going to create a pop-up box using a simple JavaScript code. Step [...]

Top 3 Online Website Building Tools

Long gone are the days where you had to seek out and invest in an expensive web designer to get the website of your dreams. These days anyone, absolutely anyone can get a professional website up and running at a low cost and in no time at all… So if you’re looking for a simple [...]

Get Your Business Online with Moonfruit

How to get your business online – We’re at an age where doing business offline simply isn’t enough. The internet has changed how we communicate, socialize, shop and generally live our everyday lives. Social media has changed the way we use the internet entirely. These days every business needs some kind of online presence, here [...]