9 Chrome Extensions for Google Plus

Already rocking on Google+? Loving it as much as we are? Of course you are, well we’d hope so anyway; Google Plus is a great social media tool for businesses. Today we’re sharing with you 9 cool chrome extensions that will entice your user experience in Google+ to use with Google Chrome browser, which of [...]

10 Essential Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox!

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers. As well as being popular it is also one of the most powerful web browsers, with tons of great add-ons many of them useful to the avid webmaster. Below I’ve compiled 10 essential add-ons for Firefox. These add-ons are valuable and a must for an serious [...]

21 Rockmelt Web Browser Shortcuts

Rockmelt is a relatively new and awesome web browser that integrates social media with web browsing. If you recall we added Rockmelt to our top 5 recommended web browsers for 2011 and 2012, you can check out the list here and find out more what Rockmelt has to offer. Anyhow if you’ve been using Rockmelt [...]