VideoPro Theme by Theme Junkie: Start Your Video Blogging Success + 30% Discount Coupon

This is a review of VideoPro theme 1.0 by Theme Junkie – Hey up folks it’s been a long old while since we did a theme review here on the blog, we will be adding a few more of them over the next few months I’m happy to say, it’s important for us to share [...]

5 Reasons Why YouTube is the Perfect Video Blogging Platform for You

WordPress is known as the best blog publishing platform on the web; it’s used by millions of bloggers worldwide… Similarly YouTube can be seen as the best video blogging platform on the web… Have you ever tried video blogging, or ever thought about adding video blogging to your conventional blogging practices? Video blogging can be [...]

Bloggers: 11 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Why promote your YouTube channel? – In May 2011, YouTube reported in its company blog that the site was receiving in excess of three billion views per day, so when it comes to utilizing YouTube to effectively market your business or your blog online, it’s a pretty big deal right? Video marketing is something you [...]

3 Practical Ways To Help You Overcome Your Video Blogging Fears

Video Blogging – I was inspired to write this post after reading a very informative write-up on Blogging Video to Connect with Your Audience by Matthew Holden, if you have a spare couple of minutes head over there to check it out. Video blogging or video marketing is still something of a rarity compared to [...]

Video Marketing – Four Simple Yet Very Effective Points to Remember when Creating Videos

Slowly but surely, Internet is taking the place of Television as the primary medium where customers hover around to find some entertainment amongst the myriad of advertisements. Many people now choose to watch their favorite shows and programs on the internet in their own time and convenience, and with smartphones becoming more and more commonplace, [...]