8 Blog Marketing Strategies that Helped M4M into Alexa’s Top 100K!

The Magnet4Marketing blog recently joined the top 100k Alexa traffic rank, which is an achievement we’re pretty pleased to shout about. I wanted to share with you some of the strategies I used to achieve this in pretty much less than 7 months of blogging here at M4M. I am fully aware that there may [...]

20 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO!

Prepare yourself for over a 1,000 word count assault on how to get traffic to your blog without SEO… Well most of it anyway // // // ]]> Are you feeling the effects of the recent Google algorithm updates? Have you been seeing a gradual decline in the level of traffic to your blog over [...]

10 Effective Ecommerce Traffic Building Tips You Need To Know!

Ecommerce traffic building is a lot more challenging than building traffic to any other type of website or blog even. With a website or blog your aim is to build traffic and attract users to encourage them to engage and interact on your site, whilst with an ecommerce website you’re looking to attract traffic that [...]

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