5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Routine Isn’t Productive

Marketing is the important, and sometimes under-respected, aspect of a business or start-up. However, it’s key to remember just how crucial marketing, and social media marketing to be exact, actually is for the company you are apart of. It is way more than just sending out a tweet a few times a week. It certainly [...]

Progressive Insurance Corp. Case Study: How Not to Handle A PR Crisis

On August 13, 2012, Matt Fisher posted a blog on tumblr entitled “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer in Court” which almost immediately went viral and began a firestorm of negative discussion about the insurance company. Since his post, Progressive had to offer a rebuttal, the scandal became inspiration for several popular [...]

Protecting your Brand Image: What you can learn from the Mistakes of Chik-fil-A and Papa John’s

Just as the Chik-fil-A PR disaster is finally dying down, another fast food giant has made a similar faux-pas. Papa John’s pizza CEO John Schnatter was quoted as saying that costs incurred from the president’s new health care initiative would be passed on to customers in order to protect shareholders. “We’re not supportive of Obama [...]

Southwest Airlines Case Study: Facebook Success Turned into Sales

Thousands of people were able to take advantage of a great 50% off fall flights deal with Southwest Airlines Friday August 3rd. To celebrate gaining an impressive 3 million fans on Facebook, Southwest organized a half-off certain flights promotional deal for their fans as a thank you. In order for customers to receive the discounted [...]

Ways To Get Your Brand Seen At The Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are in full swing and people all over the world are watching the athletes. Companies know the potential of the audience so they all try to get their brand seen by the consumers. Some pay the 825 million Euro price to become an official sponsor of the games but others don’t yet [...]

Getting Publicity Out Of Negativity

It’s seems there is always people using a brand’s likeness for their benefit whether it be copying their logo or making a knockoff of one of their products. When companies find out they usually sue to get their product back in their control. In each case, the company can be viewed as greedy and seeking [...]

Google Input Method Takes Translation To The Next Level

Translation has always been a tricky task to complete accurately. You can look up a word in a translation dictionary or online but sometimes you come across a word that just doesn’t have the same feel as the original. It may have the same definition but the word is just not embodying the same tone. [...]

YouTube’s New Concept: The Video Creation Marketplace

YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace allows for a new type of partnership between companies and YouTube users. Advertisers can work directly with popular YouTube users to get a larger profit from viral videos. They can hire a YouTube user that fits their needs to create a video to market their product and that can reach a [...]

How Businesses Can Use Facebook – Future of Engagement

Social media is an engagement medium. We’ve all heard that before. “Don’t broadcast”… “Speak with your customers, at them”… This is true but many businesses still don’t analyze their engagement. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands teaches you how to use data analysis techniques to understand your social data and boost your [...]

Facebook Olympics Hub 2012 – Future of Engagement Looks At The London Olympics on Social Media

People are already getting excited about the London Olympics! Fans from countries and territories throughout the world are gearing up for this year’s events in the United Kingdom. And it’s showing on social media; Olympic-related themes have become a popular topic across many platforms and fans are connecting with each other to share their excitement [...]