Discovering and Promoting Your Personal Brand through Social Media

Promoting your personal brand – Finding your personal brand is a lot easier said than done: it requires identifying and highlighting certain qualities about yourself that are entirely unique and noteworthy when compared to other professionals in your industry. The concept of personal branding is a form of self-packaging that can include several characteristics of [...]

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Online Business!

If someone had told me when I left school that I would become an international selling artist running a successful online art business I would have said two things? One, what the hell is an online business and two, I could never see myself running any form of business. Not to run myself down too [...]

11 Weaknesses That Will Stop You From Pursuing Your Blogging Ambitions

I don’t care what anyone tells you, blogging isn’t easy work by any means. OK it’s not physically demanding either but it can certainly drain both your mental and motivational state of mind; it can consume your resources at the best of times and above all, it can force you to sacrifice much time away [...]

7 Essential Features Every Ecommerce Product Page Should Have!

Running an ecommerce business website can be challenging and fun, and personally for me definitely one of the highlights of my online career. Over the last 5 years I’ve learnt a great deal about ecommerce, and how to effectively promote my products through the optimization of my product pages, both to improve online shopping experience [...]

42 Ways to Generate More Sales Online!

Generating sales is becoming more and more challenging in this current climate. Generating traffic to your business is one hurdle, converting a percentage of that traffic into sales is completely another. So how can you get more conversions from your current flow of traffic? Here are 42 tips or suggestions to get you started on [...]

5 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

I have been asked a couple of times to write a post on product launching or more effectively what steps is needed for a successful product launch, which has got me thinking about my artwork and ultimately what I do when I launch a new piece of art on Van Marciano Art. Ultimately we’ll look [...]