Pinterest Business: How Pinterest Stays Alive

For many social media sites, they make their money off ads, games, and other areas that members are using constantly. For Pinterest, however, they do not incorporate all of the side ads that Facebook does, the price-per-click advertising you’ll find on Twitter, nor any of the social games that are popping up on many of [...]

4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Effective B2B Marketing

With the tough competition in the internet world these days, you need to ensure that you stay on top of the game. To achieve this, you have to make sure that you are armed with the best tools so your brand is well known among your target audience. One of the most effective strategies that [...]

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Content on your Blog

I’m sure by now you will have heard about Pinterest. If you haven’t then let me explain briefly what Pinterest is and how you can use it to effectively promote content (images) on your blog and create a new traffic source for your blog. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool like no other; it currently [...]

5 Reasons You Should Be On Pinterest

When it launched, Google+ seemed like it would be the next big thing on the social-networking scene. Internet marketers, techies, and bloggers everywhere predicted that it would topple Facebook, sending it the way of MySpace. But Google’s foray into social networking didn’t make so much of a bang as a fizzle, with most people ignoring [...]