Blogging from the Canary Islands

Hey folks, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m currently away on holiday, away from the desk and have been for almost a week now, and sadly there are only a few remaining days left of my first summer holidays in the Canary Islands. I know this isn’t a travel blog of [...]

The End of Magnet4Marketing?

Well not quite the end but there are some big changes happening over the next few months as far as this blog is concerned and I wanted to address them with you, the few but loyal readers of Magnet4Marketing… thank you for your continued support. Samantha and I have just returned from Internet World Expo [...]

Episode One – My First Ever Podcast, Welcome to the M4M Blogging Podcast…

If you remember a while back (last November) I mentioned that I would be having a go at pod casting in the coming year. Well I’m pleased to give you my first episode of what hopefully will be many interesting and informative episodes of my online marketing and blogging tips podcast. In this episode I [...]

New Look: Magnet4Marketing: Genesis Framework plus News 2.0 Child Theme

If you’re a regular reader of Magnet4Marketing then you’ll have probably noticed that we have a brand new look to the blog. We’ve been using Thesis since early September which we wanted to try out, and whilst it is a great theme framework with immense customization capabilities, it does lack some of the great elements [...]

Why You Should Consider Creating a Product in the form of an eBook in 2012

90% of Americans Already Own or Want a Tablet PC this Holiday We don’t often share news content with our readers on this blog, however here’s an interesting info-graphic to cast your eye’s over, it’s also just a bif of fun… The graphic reveals how 90% of Americans already own or want a tablet device [...]

The 600th Post on Magnet4Marketing: Get Paid to Write For Us

The Magnet4Marketing blog is celebrating a new milestone today; this is the 600th post to be published on the blog and we’ve achieved this milestone largely thanks to our 50 plus active guest writers who regularly contribute to guest posting, so thank you. Before talking about our new get paid to write opportunities, I’d just [...]

The Magnet4Marketing Blog is 1 Year Old!

Good morning all from the sunny county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom (England)… Today Magnet4Marketing celebrates it’s first year of existence, and Ive got to say it has been one hell of a first year of blogging experience for both myself and Samantha Wright, who has also played a huge roll by supporting, writing and taking care [...]