Kick Start Your List Building Campaign With Vertical Response

This is a review of Vertical Response – You might have heard a lot of internet marketers go on about ‘list building’ and how ‘the money is in the list’. Boy has that term been excessively used; it’s no surprise, because it’s 100% true. More and more people are getting into blogging and into internet [...]

4 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Effective email marketing should be an essential part of your business’s marketing campaign. But many business owners find themselves so busy with the day-to-day tasks of running their company that marketing efforts can fall by the wayside. If you’ve got your eye on success and want to experience regular business growth, marketing must become a [...]

Tom Foremski interview for Future of Engagement

Building connections is about taking every opportunity to use as many mediums as possible to build relationships and making those contacts. Building relationships shouldn’t just take place within ‘the box’ i.e. using social media; Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, but also outside of the box such as direct contact, email or a simple telephone call… [...]

3 Common Email Marketing Questions Answered

Hey everyone and welcome to the 655th post on Magnet4Marketing and today we’re going to be talking email marketing, and in particular I want to provide some practical answers to three common email marketing questions. Please also feel free to add some of your own answers in the comment section below after reading. What’s the [...]

7 Ways How NOT To Do Email Marketing

In the right hands, the email can be a very powerful marketing tool. When done correctly, email marketing can help your business reach a wider audience, increase readership to your blog and help to increase your conversion rate at minimum costs. The effectiveness of email marketing also depends on several major factors including – The [...]

Quick Start Guide to Mastering Google Plus for Business – eBook Review

These days every other online marketer and blogger is raving about Google Plus, why? Well it’s fair to say that over the recent months Facebook has had to take a step or two back off the center stage and out of the limelight, to give way to no other than Google and its eagerly challenging [...]

Capture Facebook Email Addresses with Facebook OptinApp

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to capture email addresses of all your new Facebook fan page subscribers, well you’ll be glad to know that you can! Check out the OptinApp for Facebook which serves as today’s subject for review. What is it? OptinApp for Facebook is a powerful list building tool designed by [...]

Tips for Choosing an Autoresponder Service

There are several factors and features which should be considered when selecting an autoresponder service. First and foremost, you will want unlimited hits. All autoresponders are designed to process large quantities of data fast and easily. However, if you have to pay every time someone requests for information from your autoresponder, you will find it [...]

How To Effectively Build An Email List Using Social Media

Thinking positively of course, it would seem that businesses of all shapes and sizes are realizing the potential of social media, and therefore jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt not to be the one left out in the rain so to speak. Whilst social media has many implications and methods in which you can [...]