The Blogging Values of an iPhone

If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone… that’s one of the quote unquote lines that has stuck in my head ever since seeing the iPhone commercial on telly, about a gazillion times now… These days though most of us who own some kind of smart phone will know too well [...]

How to Set Up WordPress on your Smartphone

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how simple it is to set up WordPress on your Smartphone. Since the arrival of the iPhone and smartphones, blogging has taken a whole new direction. No longer are we restricted to sitting at a desktop computer chomping away at the keyboard to write our next amazing [...]

How To Blog On The Go: Tools & Apps For The Trade

Technology has given us the power to communicate on a level like never before; more over it has given us the ability to be flexible with our tasks; as in, what we do, when we do it and where we do it. Take blogging for example, no longer do we feel the need to be [...]