Best Google Adsense: WP Plugin Review!

If you’re looking for a real simple way to install Google Adsense scripts into your blog then you might want to hear about the ‘Best Google Adsense plugin’ for WordPress by JelyHost. I installed this plugin into one of my other WordPress blog projects to give it a test run. It’s fairly simple to install [...]

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code into your WordPress Blog!

If you want to analyse and track your blog’s traffic behaviour using Google Analytics and want to know how to install the tracking code, here’s a few tips. Step One Download the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin from the plugin directory, or click here to access it. Alternatively you can search for the plugin from [...]

How to Earn Revenue from Google Adsense using Hubpages!

Hubpages allows you to earn revenue from Google Adsense by installing your codes into your posts also known as hubs. In this short tutorial I’m going to show you how simple it is to add your publisher code to your profile and begin earning extra revenue from your hubs. Step One Firstly log into your [...]

How to Install & Setup Facebook Comment Plugin in WordPress!

Hey everyone it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here so where ever you are in the world have a good one. But!!! Before I crack open a cold one, in today’s post I’d like to share with you a short tutorial on how to install and setup the Facebook comment (Affiliate link) plugin into [...]