How to Use Instagram and Flickr to Promote Your Business

Instagram and Flickr: Photo sharing has become a viable business promotional technique that many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to promote their brand and businesses. An image can say a thousand words and when used well, can even attract more potential customers to a business. Instagram and Flickr are among the most patronized photo [...]

Why Should Marketers Take Note Of Google Improving Related Image Searches?

In this post Edith Li talks about why marketers should take not of Google making improvements to Google related image searches – Over the years we have watched search evolve beyond a tool that helps users find interesting web pages via the internet. It has become more specific, targeted, and relevant to the user’s interest. [...]

Four Ways that Google Plus has Improved Image Sharing

Good things come to those who wait, right? Of course, some of us will be waiting longer than others .. more on that later. Google has been trying very hard to provide a reasonable alternative to Facebook, and it appears that Google Plus might just be the platform. Charlie Sorrel was writing in the Gadget [...]