Seesmic Desktop 2 Social Media Dashboard Review

What is Seesmic Desktop 2? Seesmic is a cross platform social and web application that allows its users to break up their Twitter stream into multiple columns as well as manage multiple Twitter accounts. Getting Started Installing Seesmic on your desktop is simple via a quick download and install link. Once installed, the application will [...]

How to schedule posts using HootSuite’s new publisher feature!

HootSuite is a popular social media dashboard that allows you to take full control of your daily communications across social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others to mention. HootSuite recently rolled out a brand new feature to their social dashboard. The new Publisher tools now allows you to schedule posts, tweets [...]

5 Must-Try Social & Email Desktop Clients!

What is a social email desktop client? It is simply a desktop based software that allows you to integrate your social network and email activities in one place, without interrupting your other online activities. I work from home and spend a lot of time online as a result. I want a desktop client that I [...]