Tips on Finding the Perfect Blogs for Guest Posting

How do you find the right kind of blogs to guest post on? – Having low search engine rankings is part of the problem as to why many bloggers fail to get any traffic to their blogs. Guest posting has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to build authority backlinks from [...]

4 Reasons Why I’m Blogging Less and You Might Want to Also

In this post you’ll find out why these days I’m blogging less… Once upon a time I was obsessed with the idea of blogging everyday, it is one of the many myths of blogging in fact, many bloggers that have been in the blogosphere for less than a year or so still believe that to [...]

How to Successfully Set your Blog up for Guest Posting

It comes a time for every serious blogger to begin accepting guest posts on their blogs. If you’re thinking about making your blog guest post friendly, this is a sure sign of steady progression in your blogging career. But how do you get started with accepting guest posts on your blog? In this post we’ll [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Paying your Guest Writers

As we all know guest posting is one of the best ways to do content marketing, build quality backlinks and build online presence. Whether you’re a niche business with an online presence looking to promote your business, or a blogger looking to spread your authority further online, you can benefit from guest posting in many [...]

4 Important Things to Remember Before Accepting Guest Posts on your Blog from This Day on…

Guest posting is exploding and bloggers are being pitched guest articles from left right and center… Many companies are implementing this effective link building strategy into their search engine marketing campaigns now more than ever, especially since the recent Google updates, and unfortunately many bloggers are and will end up publishing crap on their blog’s [...]

Our New Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting on Magnet4Marketing – First of all I just want to say the biggest thank you ever and how overwhelmed I am to the number of guest posts we receive daily from you guys, and of course the more the merrier… But unfortunately we’ve also have to reject many of them as well for [...]

3 Things You Should Know Before Accepting Guest Writers On Your Blog

When your blog begins to grow in popularity, you’ll eventually receive interest from fellow bloggers looking for guest writing opportunities. This is a significant step in building your blogging business in the right direction, whereupon your readers and other bloggers alike have begun to realize that your blog is flourishing into a significant one, in [...]

How To Attract Guest Writers To Your Blog

Blogging isn’t just a solo effort; as your blog matures and becomes more and more popular, and depending on your niche or topic, you will begin to receive growing interest from other bloggers wanting to contribute to writing content for your blog. There are a number of effective ways in which you can attract guest [...]