How to Submit A Guest Post To Magnet4Marketing

Hey folks I hope you’re having a great start to 2013 with your quest for blogging success, and that you’re well and truly on your way to achieving your goals and objectives for the year, though I know its early days yet. Anyways one of my objectives this year is to add more guest writers [...]

Why Guest Blogging is Your Best Friend Right Now

So why is guest blogging your friend right now? Let’s find out… In the early days of SEO and the “Google Playground that was” bloggers and internet marketers were really left to rain anarchy upon the rest of the world. We were like mischievous children with a magnifying glass and an ant hill left alone [...]

4 Important Things to Remember Before Accepting Guest Posts on your Blog from This Day on…

Guest posting is exploding and bloggers are being pitched guest articles from left right and center… Many companies are implementing this effective link building strategy into their search engine marketing campaigns now more than ever, especially since the recent Google updates, and unfortunately many bloggers are and will end up publishing crap on their blog’s [...]

3 Things You Should Know Before Accepting Guest Writers On Your Blog

When your blog begins to grow in popularity, you’ll eventually receive interest from fellow bloggers looking for guest writing opportunities. This is a significant step in building your blogging business in the right direction, whereupon your readers and other bloggers alike have begun to realize that your blog is flourishing into a significant one, in [...]

Why Guest Blogging KO’s Article Marketing Dead

Ok, is article marketing really dead? Google seems to think so otherwise, and I’m hearing more and more talks about how article marketing is becoming less and less important. However many online marketers even today beg to differ on the subject. Truth be told, guest posting has much greater value than article marketing, it’s a [...]

HubPages: Your One-Stop Alternative To Guest Blogging

Its common knowledge that posting on other blogs is one of the most powerful ways to promote your blog. Guest blogging once popular amongst bloggers is now being implemented by everyone that’s involved in internet marketing, including businesses with an online presence, copywriters etc.  Guest blogging is also proven to be one of the best [...]

Write for us at Magnet4Marketing : Guest Writing Opportunities

This guest writing information post was updated on the 29th December 2012 Thank you for your interest in guest writing for As you may well be aware, guest blogging is probably one of the most powerful known methods of content marketing there is.  We understand how essential it is for bloggers to get their [...]