A Look at Facebook’s New Page Insights Updates

Facebook recently rolled out new updates to their page insights… let’s take a look in… Important Metrics Let’s start with the metrics of your page; total likes, friends of friends, people talking about this and weekly total reach. Monitoring these four metrics shown below can help you analyse and assess the size of your fan [...]

6 Useful Ways to use your Facebook Fan Page to promote your New Online Business

Why should you have a Facebook fan page? Just launched your new online business? Perhaps you have been online for a good while now? Thought about getting on Facebook yet? Hmmm… If you’re still a little unsure as to why your online business needs a Facebook fan page after all this time, then here’s a [...]

Basic Essentials To Complete Your Facebook Business Fan Page!

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites on the internet, and with more and more people now using Facebook for business, Facebook has become without a shadow of a doubt the epicentre of social media marketing. Isn’t it about time your business joined the craze? Whilst many businesses are using Facebook, [...]

56 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Fan Page

It’s great to see small businesses jumping on the Facebook fan page band wagon to help promote their business. If you’re one of those new businesses, how are you getting on with building fans to your fan page? Do you find that getting new likes on a regular basis is a bit of an uphill [...]

Top 3 Affordable Facebook Fan Page Marketing Websites

Facebook is an indispensable tool in social media marketing. We know that starting a Facebook fan page and building loyal targeted fans can take time. One short term solution to this is to purchase fans for your Facebook fan page. There are many websites on the web all offering Facebook (Affiliate link) fans and invites [...]

Week 4: 10,000 Fan Page Invites Progress Report & Final Verdict

I just wanted to finalize on the case study we started some 4 weeks ago regarding the purchase of Facebook invites from FanPageHookup.com (NextLevelSocial.com). If you remember we paid for $74 for 10,000 invites, which I’m afraid to report was a complete waste of time, energy and money, so the case study is closed. A [...]

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page in 3 Easy Steps

In this post we will follow 3 simple steps to creating a Facebook fan page – Facebook is home to more than 800 million users worldwide. Having a Facebook fan page for your business is an important part using social media to market and promote business growth. However, there are many businesses that are somewhat [...]

10,000 Facebook Fan Page Invites Case Study: Week 2

Fan Page Invites Case Study – Well we’re at the end of week two of our case study on FanPageHookup.com (NextLevelSocial.com). The case study is to look into whether buying Facebook fans for your Facebook business page is actually worth doing or not. We purchased 10,000 non-targeted fan page invites from FPH, we started with [...]

10,000 Facebook Invites Case Study: Week 1

Well we’re at the end of week 1 of our case study of FanPageHookup.com, now known as NextLevelSocial. If you want to revert to the launch post for this case study you can read it here: 10,000 Facebook Invites Case Study: FanPageHookup.com After purchasing the 10,000 fans from FPH we can report a slow start [...]

6 Ways to Grow your Facebook Fans

Here you will learn how to grow your Facebook fans – One of the most challenging activities of social media marketing is building loyal followers, in particular building Facebook fans to your fan page. Ideally we’d all like to have a couple of thousand fans to our Facebook page when first starting out, but realistically [...]