How to use Social Media to Provide Customer Support for your Business

Social media for customer support… The customer is the king in a business activity. If there are no customers, the business activity remains incomplete. The ability to sell products or services and making a successful sale does not end the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Every business small or large needs to help [...]

4 Businesses You Might Not Think Need to Focus on Customer Service But Do

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Few businesses can provide poor customer service and still expect to keep their customers coming back. Customer service is vital to the continued healthy growth of a company. Many businesses that you wouldn’t automatically think about needing a customer service department actually devote [...]

3 Things I’ve Learnt From My Experience With MaxBlogPress Tech & Customer Support!

My recent experience with the none-existent tech and customer support team at MaxBlogPress has opened my eyes up to a few issues regarding customer care, and has made me more aware of my actions as an ecommerce site owner. Consumers are the lifeblood in an ecommerce environment, not how popular the site is or how [...]