How to Get More Traffic from Blog Commenting

Every serious blogger loves reading and commenting on other blogs. If you don’t do this then there is something seriously wrong. Blog commenting is nothing new I know, but it is a great way to engage with other bloggers and add value to the blogosphere. It has many other benefits also, from helping you to [...]

Four Tips for Avoiding the Spam Folder When Leaving Comments on other Blogs

If you’ve been doing your regular blog commenting routine, you’ll have probably noticed that now and again you’ll leave a really thoughtful comment on a blog post, only to find out a few days later that it’s not there… chances are it’s ended up in the spam folder and eventually deleted. Understandably some blog administrators [...]

8 Ways to Get Your Blog Readers Commenting Like Their Life Depends On It

How do you get your blog readers commenting more on your blog? – In this post I want to share with you eight tips that I’ve found to be very useful over the course of my blogging journey, particularly for getting readers to comment on my blog posts. If you’re struggling with getting readers to [...]

Put Passion Back into your Blogging – Tip#5: Engaging with your Readers

Continuing on our light series of putting passion back into blogging… One of the most important elements of blogging is engaging and interacting with your readers. It was the ability engage with my readers on a daily basis the lead me to fall completely in love with blogging. It’s certainly one of the biggest ups [...]

11 Ways To Attract More Commentators To Your Blog

Getting more comments on your blog serves many purposes, but one of the biggest things that it does well is to give you an indication of how engaging your readers are on your blog. Of course getting traffic to your blog plays a large roll in getting more comments. But if you’ve been building your [...]

Tips on writing Good Comments on other Blog Posts

Are you writing good comments on other blog? – Hi folks, today I want to share with you a  short but sweet post about commenting on other blogs; Most confident bloggers understand the value of commenting on other blogs, it is an integral part of building high quality backlinks and more importantly it is an [...]