7 Ways to be a Positive Leader in Your Business

There will be times when running your business that you will get frustrated or an idea that you had failed or you just had a bad day. This is normal! We don’t enjoy any of these things when put in our path, but we have to learn how to deal with it and move on, [...]

Publicity and Marketing Predictions for 2012

Applications will outdo websites as a means for interaction and advertisement. Applications will be used as the brochure and websites that market a company’s products and services. Businesses that work on the basis of appointments, like lawyers and doctors for instance will use mobile phones as a means for communication and planning. This communication may [...]

2 Simple Ways to Improve your Marketing in 2012

2012 is approaching us fast, and as we all unwind over the Christmas period, we also begin to evaluate and reflect on our marketing efforts of 2011. Did you make good progress? Are you pleased with the results from your marketing efforts? Are you in a better position than you were in 2010? What were [...]

7 Essential Social Networking Sites For Businesses

In this post I will share with you 7 awesome social networking sites for businesses… Social networking for business has grown in immense popularity over the recent years. The realization of the benefits of using social network sites such as Facebook Twitter, Google Plus for marketing purposes, has lead to many small businesses making that [...]

Time Management: The White Board

Time Management and how it can be the Key Ingredient to your Success? In this post Samantha looks at time management and prioritizing, and getting yourself a new friend which you will come to know as… ‘The White Board’… So much to do and don’t know where to start? Well read on and it should [...]