Understanding A/B Testing

If any of you have ever been to South Florida then you know that the panhandlers at major intersections are as much a fixture as the palm trees. Yesterday as I pulled up to a red light I saw a man standing at the intersection with a large sign asking for assistance spelling out all [...]

Every Little Thing you do now… Counts to Painting the Big Picture!

If you’re feeling a little uninspired right now, perhaps you’ve been working your socks off too much trying to build traffic to your blog or perhaps working towards getting more sales from your online business. Sometimes you can be ploughing away relentlessly and even then not notice a single shred of evidence that what you’re [...]

A Month In Review: April 2011

Take your blogging to the great outdoors! Well we’re at the end of yet another month of blogging, and what a busy month it has been for us. The semi early summer heat-wave here in the UK has encouraged most of us desk-ridden junkies to go out into the sunshine. I can tell you now [...]