M4M 002 : My Tips & Strategies for Managing Guest Writers & Guest Posts on your WordPress Blog

In this post, podcast I will share with you some tips and my very own strategies for managing guest writers and guest posts on your WordPress blog – Welcome to the second episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast and it’s only been 16 days since the first episode, but I was pretty excited and ‘geared up’, [...]

M4M 001 : Welcome to the Magnet4Marketing, Online Marketing and Blogging Tips Podcast Relaunch!

Hey folks, it’s finally here once again, and this is a complete new relaunch of the Magnet4Marketing online marketing and blogging tips podcast, something I’ve been planning to do properly again for a long time. One of the reasons why I decided to relaunch the podcast properly was because I really enjoyed doing it so [...]

5 Common Mistakes Followed by Bloggers

What are the mistakes followed by bloggers? If we all were to make a list of the mistakes we follow as bloggers, we could easily fill an entire blog with these mistakes. Understandably, bloggers keep learning over the passage of time. And therefore have been able to fix their mistakes and keep moving forward. But [...]

The Importance of Completing Social Profiles

Social Profiles – Back in November of last year I had the opportunity to listen in on a very insightful episode of one of my favourite blogging pod casters and top blogger’s Pat Flynn from the SmartPassiveIncome blog. In this particular episode Pat talked about the importance of being everywhere; which prompted me into writing [...]

Why Bloggers Should Work on Making their Blog Faster

Make your blog faster – Are you a blogger, or do have a form of business online that requires constant communication with your audience? Looking for ways to improve your readers’ experience can mean a whole lot of difference in your career, and taking the right steps can be greatly rewarding. 34% of internet users [...]

30+ Reputable Places to Get Massive Backlinks to your Blog

One of the biggest challenges yet one of the most important aspects of getting high quality traffic to your website or your blog is through building backlinks. Why is it so important?, simply because without quality backlinks, there is no other productive way to improve your search engine rankings, as content alone won’t do it. [...]

5 Things You Need to Possess Before You Start Your First Blog

Start your First Blog – Everyday tons of new blogs pop-up on the blogosphere radar, many of those new blogs last for a couple of weeks, some lasts for a few months, a few go on for a couple of years even and a small majority of them go on to become successful blogs. So [...]

Training the BIG Google – It Starts with Anchor Text

It seems the trend of giving other website owners quality articles for FREE in return for a couple of anchor text-rich backlinks to their website. If I may say so, it’s about time this strategy has caught on. It really is a no-brainer and a strategy I have used successfully for years.. The BIG challenge [...]

How to Take Your Existing Content Research to an All New Level by Repurposing It

You may have been in the Internet marketing business for some time now, and your files are filled with content that was valuable to you. But, did you know that this content could still be very valuable now? If you take your existing content and convert it into fresh material with new backlinks, you could [...]

How to Change Admin Username in Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Once again we bring you yet another useful little ‘how to’ tip… Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change the admin username for your self-hosted WordPress blog site. When your first set up your account through your web host, by default you’re donated with the username Admin. To change this to your own username, [...]