Tips on How to Build Solid and Lasting Relationships with other Bloggers

This post looks at ways to use the web to build relationships with other bloggers – What do you need to do to become successful in blogging? Well let’s see now – You need to be able to find a profitable niche You need to be able to create high quality content that people will [...]

9 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

How successful bloggers work: Blogging, an activity which started as a hobby that has become the profession for many bloggers… Blogging is no longer a pastime… Many bloggers are taking it as a profession and are earning a fulltime income from blogging. When newbies start on the path of blogging success, they often have a [...]

Taking your blog Mobile: Are you geared up?

These day’s we’re on the move more than ever, living busier lifestyles and trying to be in more than one place at any given time. If your lifestyle demands that you spend a lot of your time away from the desk, it can be challenging for you to find time to write posts or to [...]

11 Weaknesses That Will Stop You From Pursuing Your Blogging Ambitions

I don’t care what anyone tells you, blogging isn’t easy work by any means. OK it’s not physically demanding either but it can certainly drain both your mental and motivational state of mind; it can consume your resources at the best of times and above all, it can force you to sacrifice much time away [...]

Blogger’s Burnout: Are You Overdoing It?

Being a blogger is unlike any other writer or author, to keep our blogs up to date we must search upon new hot topics to write about and we must do this on a daily basis for the rest of our lives… But from time to time we all hit the wall, a period of time where we struggle to find just what to write about. How should one cope through such times like these? Here are several things you can do to keep yourself in the creative zone.

Write for us at Magnet4Marketing – Guest Writing Opportunities

Write for Magnet4Marketing! Note: Due to a high number of registrations being made to our site, mainly for the purpose of spamming, we regret to advise that we’ve now eliminated the self-registration option. If you wish to genuinely guest write for us please read below the options for guest posting on We’re pleased to [...]