87 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Blogging demands our attention almost in every area possible, sometimes there are simply too many things to think about doing in blogging, that we don’t always remember what to do next. More often than not, becoming more organized helps. …Or if you’re a complete newbie; you’re probably asking yourself how can I become a better [...]

Gravatar Tips: How to Optimize your Gravatar Image for Best Results in Blogging

In this post we’re going to look at some Gravatar tips for choosing the best Gravatar – In blogosphere, a Gravatar serves as your facade, when you author a post and publish it on your Blog (or someone else’s blog as a guest author), as well as when you leave a comment on other blogs, [...]

Weekend Bloggers: How to Get More Work done in a single Weekend

Not all bloggers are privileged to have the time to spend each and every waking hour of every day working on their blog’s. Many of them are hard working 9 to 5er’s with not enough time available to devote to developing their blog’s apart from a few hours of an evening and over the long [...]

4 Things That Makes You a Unique Blogger

These days every passionate blogger dreams of becoming a pro-blogger; they work hard on their blog’s, publishing a new post each day, adding new followers to their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts. They comment on as many blogs as they can and work their absolute socks off to try and make some money [...]

10+ Valuable Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog then no doubt you’ll be looking to the web for tips on how to get started. Whilst you’re doing so let me start you off with s 11 valuable blogging tips that will pave the way to a fantastic start to your blogging venture. Find a blogging niche that [...]

7 Personal Development Skills attained from Blogging

Blogging is much more than just being about; trying to make money online, or writing content of your personal diary. Blogging can become really personal and on the subject of personal it can also enable you to develop personal skills that you probably wouldn’t gain from doing anything else online. We can look at this [...]

9 Cool Ways To Customize Your Blogger Blog

Here is a full blown post on how to fully customize your Blogger Blog – Blogger is still one of my favorite blogging platforms, despite the limitations and lack of expandability that it has. Blogger is relatively simple to setup and use, and anyone can begin blogging straight away with this platform. I think I’m [...]

Blogger’s Burnout: Are You Overdoing It?

Being a blogger is unlike any other writer or author, to keep our blogs up to date we must search upon new hot topics to write about and we must do this on a daily basis for the rest of our lives… But from time to time we all hit the wall, a period of time where we struggle to find just what to write about. How should one cope through such times like these? Here are several things you can do to keep yourself in the creative zone.