How to Promote your Blog [Part 2]

How to Promote your Blog – In the previous post we talked about how to promote your blog doing basic but essential tasks such as looking at the current design and layout of your blog and improving the performance of your blog i.e. improving page load times and using a robust theme, and we of [...]

How to Promote your Blog – [Part One]

How to promote your blog – The blogosphere… a dimension flooded by passionate individuals all fighting for a place under the limelight as a recognized individual with authority in their chosen niche or niches. Why has blogging become so popular? Is it because many people have realized that blogging is a profitable business venture? Is [...]

5 Ways to get your Blog or Website ready for the next Google Pagerank Update

Google pagerank – As you know Google recently rolled out a new pagerank update, which took place almost immediately after their new algorithm update, which as you also know according to Google, affects 35% of web searches. As of the news we announced pagerank updates and increases across our three main business websites yesterday. But [...]