How Will The New Google Page Layout Algo Affect your AdSense Earnings

New Google Page Layout Algo – By now you will have probably heard that Google has placed themselves back in the limelight again this week, and this time they have released a new Google page layout algorithm update, that’s set to immediately affect websites that offer poor levels of content in comparison to the number [...]

Adding AdSense Ads to Child Themes in WordPress Blog

In this short tutorial I want to share with you a couple of cool ways to add your AdSense ad units to your WordPress blog running on Genesis (Affiliate link) theme framework and Church Child theme. Please note that this tutorial is for Genesis users, if you’ve not yet installed Genesis then check out our [...]

Increase Adsense Earnings Today

Increase AdSense earnings – If you’re looking for ways to increase AdSense earnings there is a great tool available from called the competitive ad filter. This free tool can be found in your Google (Affiliate link) AdSense account. I think this tool is very effective and somewhat underrated to help you get better CTR and increase [...]