Social Media Marketing is an Indispensable Business Tool

Social media marketing is no longer optional for businesses. If you think you can avoid taking part in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and all the other popular social networks, you’re deluding yourself. Your competition is already there and they’re making connections each day with potential clients. These are your potential clients also. Can any company afford to ignore social networks now that so many people spend a huge majority of their time there?

I think not. In fact, if you’re pretending to ignore the social media landscape and focus on other means of advertising, your blended cost of acquisition for new clients is probably higher than your competition’s. This could spell real trouble in the long run for your business.

If you’re just starting out in social media marketing for your business, you’ll need to play a game of ‘catch up’ with all the other companies that are already there and doing their thing. You’ll have to work hard to capture the attention of the public.

It’s not too late for you to set up and shop. The great thing about social media is that it’s a fluid medium. There are always people coming and going, so no one will think twice when you finally arrive and begin participating. Let’s take a look at action you can take right now to begin your mission.

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5 Simple Tips For Business Social Media Marketing

  1. Set up a profile on as many social networks as your deem profitable. There are hundreds of them. Focus on the top tier destinations first and then continue to place profiles on every social network you can find. Why not? It’s a way to control lots of online real estate at a low cost.
  2. Use clear branding signals. Don’t make the mistake of using different nicknames or pictures on the various social networks. Instead focus on creating a visually distinctive and clear branding message that you use across all of them.
  3. Use strong navigational links to point people to your money pages. Always redirect people to solid landing pages from social networks. Don’t push the average person to your home page. You have no reasonable expectation that they’ll navigate to the correct landing page, especially if you have many of them.
  4. Use campaigns on social networks to track your results. This means create a specific campaign and use tracking on the social networks and your conversion pages to see how you’re performing.
  5. Always engage with people. If someone takes the time to Retweet or share one of your items, take the time to thank them. Engage with the community for maximum results.

Social media marketing can seem very complex for businesses, especially at first. It doesn’t need to be. Use your common sense and treat people like you wish to be treated and you should have good results. This is not a get rich type scheme, but social media marketing is a tool your business can’t live without. Over time your efforts will be amply rewarded for your initiative.

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  • Laura Vennon

    That’s the thing about social media, people think that it is a way to get rich but they fail to do the most important thing-engage with their contacts. I know a lot of people who add thousands of contacts but never take the time to contact them at a personal level.

    • Darren McLaughlin

      Very true, Laura. It takes a lot of work to engage, but that’s really where you’re going to gain clients.

      Thanks for commenting :)


  • Katie Woodard

    I was putting off getting an account on Google+ because I really don’t see much use in it yet, but I finally gave in and got one. I think Twitter is the most valuable social network. A lot of people use Facebook for friends and Twitter for everything else which is what I do, so I think Twitter is the first thing you should join if you are looking to do a social networking campaign.

    • Darren McLaughlin

      Definitely Katie,

      Twitter is the easiest one to learn, so it makes sense to learn it first. Thanks for commenting :)


      • Formwork Suppliers

        Totally agree Darren. Facebook for friends and Twitter for business. The problem with Twitter is that spammers realise it is good for business and take advantage of that.


  • Mary G. Tengan

    Hi Darren,

    Great post! Indeed social networking is the best way to be known and communicate with your client. Ahm Twitter is cool but I still love FB :) lol

    • Darren McLaughlin

      Thanks Mary,

      I think all the social networks have their place. If people like them, then marketers have to be there :)


      • sachin mathur

        i think Google plus is best solution

  • Richard S.

    Has anyone seen a positive use for Google+? I found it to be very hard to navigate. My best success so far is with facebook. Twitter (at least in my niche) seems to be getting increasingly populated with alot of spam (we still have an account which we regularly update).

    • Darren McLaughlin

      Hello Richard,

      Google+ Pages are worth adding. You can link to all of your blog posts and try and attract followers.

      Google+ is definitely not as busy as Facebook.


      • Michelle

        how to do that? with plugin?

        • Darren McLaughlin

          Hello Michelle,

          Hello, you can use a Google+ Pages badge. Search for that term and the page from Google will show up where you can add it :)


  • Anna

    I also think that social media can be very dangerous. Because if you are not good enough and do not know how exactly to popular your site or blog it can go very wrong and the worst thing is that everybody will see your epic failure:(

    • Darren McLaughlin


      You’re right. Failure sucks so you want to avoid that :)


  • Emilia

    I think that a lot of people out there are expecting instant success from social media presence. And a lot of instant cash too. Being in social media is necessary and very hard too, there is such a great competition out there!

    • Darren McLaughlin


      Very true. People are looking for the path to quick riches but end up on the Trail of Tears :)


  • Mark@SEO Link Monster Review

    Social media is indespensable nowadays. Everything from the newbies to the veterans in this web business definitely use social media for advertisement.

    • Darren McLaughlin


      Very true :) Thanks for stopping by.


  • Yasir Khan Quantum SEO

    Thank you for a great post, Darren. I especially liked that you mentioned saying ‘thank you’ or at least acknowledging people who re-tweeted your tweets, commented on your posts, etc. Those are ways of interacting with your readers/audience, definitely part of what makes social networking a success. Not all business owners realize how essential thank yous or acknowledgements are. Glad you mentioned it here

  • Darren McLaughlin


    You’re welcome and thanks for your comment :) I forget to check Twitter sometimes, but I usually go back at least a few days later and try and shout them out. It’s the least we can do!


  • Faissal Alhaithami

    I agree with you that social media marketing is a must for every business that looking for more customers and more future engagement.

    businesses that still aren’t into social media I must say that they are missing a lot.

    Thanks for the post Darren.

    • donah@Car Accident Information

      so true.Agree with you. Social networks was a big factor in getting our business a presence online. Just need to improve our relationship to the circles and then with quality content and services, your business would go up to the competition.

  • Online Banking

    I think social marketing is vaguely overrated, mostly due to the fact that most social networks are set up in such a way as to dissuade people from participating in social media business deals. It’s an evolving marketplace, but it seems rather obvious that it has yet to find its voice. It’ll get there, though.

  • Joy Cebu

    Any serious business owner has no choice but to have their presence in social media. Concentrate more on Facebook and Twitter. These are the were the huge potential clients can come. Google+ is relatively new so it may take sometime before there will be significant prospects.

  • Angie Castillo

    businesses that still aren’t into social media I must say that they are missing a lot. Very true, Laura. Has anyone seen a positive use for Google+?

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    Hi McLaughlin,

    Well it is fact that Social media marketing is working strategy to make our business growth easily although we must try the paid business tool for the easier success. And the main awesome tool regarding social media is facebook marketing which not only generates traffic but also get good leads to our products.