Who Is Using Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools are used by a wide variety of agencies and companies for everything from PR and marketing to market research, advertising, customer service and business development. I hear about new uses for social media monitoring every week. And it’s not just online or retail businesses doing the monitoring. I read a case […]

LinkedIn Tutorial in PR Disaster Recovery – Future of Engagement

Losing secure information to hackers is a big deal. Such a big deal that people started hammering LinkedIn on Twitter for letting hackers compromise over 6 million LinkedIn passwords. Linked responded quickly and told everybody to change their passwords. They even smartly avoided emailing people to change their passwords since this would look like a […]

How to Use Instagram and Flickr to Promote Your Business

Instagram and Flickr: Photo sharing has become a viable business promotional technique that many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to promote their brand and businesses. An image can say a thousand words and when used well, can even attract more potential customers to a business. Instagram and Flickr are among the most patronized photo […]

5 Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram

Just recently, social networking giant Facebook has surprised many when it made its largest company acquisition to date: Instagram. The only question is why. In this article, we will tackle five reasons why Facebook bought Instagram. 1. People use Facebook to look at others’ photos and they want to keep it that way. Mr. Zuckerberg […]