What should Web Marketers do differently for Valentines Day Themes than they did for the holidays?

According to some journalists, Valentines Day is one of the most brilliant and successful gimmick holidays ever invented, prepped and primed for marketing. This is hard to argue with when considering that the entire occasion is built around buying merchandise. Every year, couples express their love and affection by exchanging gifts, influenced by the adverts [...]

Discovering and Promoting Your Personal Brand through Social Media

Promoting your personal brand – Finding your personal brand is a lot easier said than done: it requires identifying and highlighting certain qualities about yourself that are entirely unique and noteworthy when compared to other professionals in your industry. The concept of personal branding is a form of self-packaging that can include several characteristics of [...]

Understanding A/B Testing

If any of you have ever been to South Florida then you know that the panhandlers at major intersections are as much a fixture as the palm trees. Yesterday as I pulled up to a red light I saw a man standing at the intersection with a large sign asking for assistance spelling out all [...]

5 Marketing Tactics to Attract Local Traffic to your Website

When it comes to building traffic to your website or blog, the majority of us think about the following tactics – Commenting on other blogs SEO Guest posting Using social networking sites Writing articles Doing podcasts PPC advertising Press advertising Doing email marketing Writing eBooks for the sake of it and the list goes on [...]

10 Ways To Promote & Advertise Your Business Offline

When it comes to marketing, promoting and advertising your business, it’s not all just about getting online and doing it: In today’s economy small businesses need to look at every possible avenue in which to utilize to reach its target audience. So today we’ll be taking a break away from marketing your business online and [...]

22 Blog RSS Directories To Submit Your Blog To

One of the most challenging tasks as a newbie blogger is getting traffic to your sparkly new blog.  Marketing and promoting your blog is an integral part of your successful blogging, it is an ongoing process which every blogger has to undertake. Guest posting, commenting on other blogs, participating on online forums, social networking and [...]

Promote Your Online Sales Page: 5 Powerful Methods

How do you promote an online sales page? – You’ve thought about holding a sale on your website, cool.  Having a sale is a great way to increase revenue and clear out some old stock. So you’ve created what you believe to be the most attractive and complete sales landing page possible, you’ve created original [...]