Confident Webinar, Brilliant Results! Two Secrets for your Next Successful Presentation

I’ve always admired people who talk with confidence, Before they even open their mouths, they have already commanded the audience’s attention with their keen posture, excellent eye contact, and confident smiles. Before they even start talking, I already know that I’m in for a treat! Their eyes sparkle with light and their smiles radiate with [...]

3 Steps in Developing Your Online Marketing Business through Technology

How does technology benefit your online business? If you are thinking of starting an online marketing business, or any online business of any type, you will be relying on technology more than ever. As technology evolves, so does opportunity. Just keep in mind, giving up the corporate grind to have a career that is far [...]

The Evolution of Blogging: Infographic

The evolution of blogging: Blogging has come a long way since it first began many years ago. Whilst the activity has somewhat evolved over the years with the advances in internet technology, more and more people are turning to blogging not just so that they can get to share the things they love most with [...]

How could Marketers Integrate Google Goggles into their Marketing Campaigns?

In 2009, Google launched Google Goggles, a mobile app that takes an image-based approach to search. By using image recognition technology, it allows a user to snap a picture of a document, book, CD, or other object and pull up relevant results about the item. While this interesting tool has yet to make a huge [...]

How to Enrich your Blog Posts with Zemanta Publishing Assistant

One of the many challenges that come with blogging is consistently creating great content for your blog; you also want to be able to enrich those your content with other useful media such as videos, images, related content links to useful resources etc… Zemanta provides an easier way to do all of that within your [...]

Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps – You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software. It has [...]

4 Awesome Screen Recording Software To Create Your Own Web Application Video Tutorials

Screen Recording: One of the great things that I love most about video marketing is creating ‘how to’ video tutorials using a screen capture or screen recording software. Below you will find 4 awesome free and premium screen recording desktop software’s that you can easily download and start using to start creating your very own [...]

How To Schedule Posts Using HootSuite’s New Publisher Feature

HootSuite is a popular social media dashboard that allows you to take full control of your daily communications across social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others to mention. HootSuite recently rolled out a brand new feature to their social dashboard. The new Publisher tools now allows you to schedule posts, tweets [...]