How To Improve Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

In this post you will be provided with tips and ideas on how to improve blog bounce rate - Every blogger works hard to try and get more traffic and more readers to their blogs. Some people find it easy to increase traffic whilst others find it difficult. Realistically getting traffic isn’t all that hard, when you’re starting out you can quite competently write a dozen good posts and after a while you’ll get a small amount of traffic.

Regardless of the amount of traffic you can generate, small or big, the hardest part is getting people visiting your blog to stay on your blog. It’s perhaps even harder to make visitors reading your blog to visit more than one page on your site. If you struggle to achieve this, more than likely your blog will have a high bounce rate.

Terminology of Bounce Rate (percentage of users exiting your site without viewing further pages).

improve blog bounce rate

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The reason as to why your site has a high bounce rate could be many. Often it can be because the user didn’t find the answers he or she was looking for from the page they landed on, in which case you probably need to look at creating more focused content.

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Having a high bounce rate can affect many things, but more over it affects the number of page views per visitor on your blog, and therefore this can also affect your affiliate and AdSense revenue earnings.

In this post we’ll look at ways in which you can improve blog bounce rate and increase page views per visit.

6 Ways to Improve Blog Bounce Rate

Quality Content

Let’s kick off with the all important tip, ensuring your blog has quality content. You might be thinking that this goes without saying right? But believe you me, if you want readers to show interest in your other posts, they must find the content on the page they landed on first to be valuable. Even if they didn’t find the answers they were looking for, great content encourages people to want to read more. So ensure that you keep putting the very best stuff that you possibly can out there on your blog consistently.


Interlink Posts

Interlinking posts can work effectively if your site has lots of quality content. When interlinking posts ensure that it is relevant and subject matter related. Interlinking posts have benefits beyond reducing bounce rate and increasing page views, it can also improve your blog’s search engine optimization, and reduce the impact of Google algo updates.


Content Breakdown

If you love to write long posts, consider breaking the content up into smaller parts or multiple posts. Add a link to the next part of your post at the beginning and at the end of your posts, this is a great way to increase page views. If you use WordPress and don’t fancy breaking up the content in multiple posts, consider using <!–nextpage–> tag to make a new page in your long post. I’d recommend using this technique on posts that contain 1200 or more words.


Related Posts

If you’re not showing related posts / content at the end of your posts then you’re missing out on an effective way to increase page views. What do you want your readers to do after reading your content? Leave? No of course you don’t. Consider installing a related posts plugin, the one I’m currently using on the Magnet4Marketing blog is called YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) and it’s a great plugin, easy to install and gets your readers exploring more of your content.


Improve Page Loading

Another reason as to why readers are leaving your blog without viewing other pages is perhaps the page they landed on took too long to load, in which case, work on increasing page loading times. Look at the number of plugins you have installed that could be slowing things down, is your theme optimized? Should you use a CDN service? Slow loading page times can also dampen your conversion rates, and that you don’t want to happen.


Top Navigational Links

Your home page will be one of the most visited pages on your blog no doubt. Take a look at your top navigational bar; ensure you have links to your most visited or most popular categories and pages.

So there you have it, some tips and ideas to improve blog bounce rate, I’m sure you have a few more tips that you’d like to add that has helped you improve bounce rate and increase page views, in which case I’d love it if you could share them in the comment section below.

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