How to Write Headlines that Make You Money

This article could have been called “How to write headlines that get noticed” or “How to write headlines that attract readers.” But which one would have made you click on this article?

The headlines you write can have the biggest impact on the success of your blog. What you write can influence whether someone opens your blog post or reads your content. It can determine whether your readers share your posts on their social networks, spreading awareness of your brand and encourage new readership. It can influence how much traffic you get to your blog and how much readers explore your blog, possibly clicking on ads and affiliate links.

There is an art to writing headlines well — especially writing headlines that will get noticed and help you make money. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:

headlines that make you money

Promise a Solution

To attract new visitors and to sell your products and services, you need to solve a problem for your readers. Your headlines should imply a solution to that problem, such as “How to write headlines that make you money” or “5 ways to increase sales on your blog.”

Many of these types of headlines start with a “how to” or “5 ways to” and so on. These types of articles attract a lot of traffic and they encourage readers to share your content.

Get to the Point

Creative writing makes for some interesting fiction, but it doesn’t get you noticed by Google or your time-crunched readers. A headline like “A Few Good Men” doesn’t tell your readers what your blog post is about, and it won’t get your post indexed in search results (unless you’re writing about the movie). However, a headline like “4 types of marketing managers you need to grow your blog” will not only encourage your visitors to read more, it will also help you to rank in search results for new readers.

Leave the creative writing for your short story submissions. Write headlines that tell your readers exactly what your post is about and that target keywords to help your blog rank.

Don’t Reveal Too Much

While you don’t want your headlines to be so vague or ambiguous that you confuse your readers or fail to rank for keyword searches, you also don’t want to give away so much in the headline that your reader don’t need to open the post to learn more. A headline like “How to get 1,000 Twitter followers this week” will get better results than a headline like “How to get 1,000 Twitter followers this week by hosting a giveaway, growing your opt-in list and writing viral content.”

The key is to write a headline that promises a great solution but doesn’t reveal too much. Intrigue your readers. Give them a reason to want to read more.

Ask a Question

Headlines that ask a question are more successful at getting visitors to read more because they work as psychological triggers. Your readers see a question and they want to answer it. They are drawn in to your post already. Instead of writing a headline like “How to protect yourself from the latest Google update,” you should write a headline like “What links are causing you to lose your number 1 page rank with Google?”

Think of how you can turn your headlines into questions and you will see conversions climb.

Issue a Command

Like questions, commands act as psychological triggers. They instill a sense of urgency in your readers, encouraging them to learn more and to act. Headlines like “Use this one trick to make six figures with your blog” will convert more readers than headlines like “Tips for making more money with your blog.”

Find ways that you can use commands in your headlines, while also promising a solution to a problem, and you will attract more readers and increase your conversions.

Getting your readers to act on  your blog requires first getting their attention. Writing headlines that get noticed will help you draw in more readers and encourage them to click on additional content, such as your advertising, your affiliate links, your sponsored text, or even information about your own products and services. Try incorporating some of these tips into your headline writing, and you are sure to see your sales increase.

Have you had success with any of these headline-writing strategies? Tell us what worked for you in the comments!

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