3 Crucial Tips For Managing A Multi-Author Blog

I love guest blogging, because with a single guest post, you can reap many benefits. Guest blogging is by far the most authentic way to attract more attention, build more quality links, get connected with more people, create more leads, generate more traffic and many other benefits, than any other blog marketing tactic out there, […]

Beware Of Unethical Guest Bloggers: 6 Point Checklist Before Approving Guest Author Accounts

What a total waste of my time… In the last few days I’ve had the most frustrating and heart wrenching task of removing a number of guest articles from this blog.  So if you’re ‘one of them’ who is wondering where your guest post went, it’s in my trash folder! Why? Because a certain number […]

9 Reasons Why Your Guest Posts Are Being Rejected and How to Avoid It

So why are your guest posts being rejected? Every blogger understands the importance of guest posting, every blog admin understands that making the selection wisely when it comes to submissions, is also important. If you’ve spent months on end building a decent enough audience and a matching reputation for your blog, you’ll know just what […]