How Businesses Should Utilize Google’s New Content Experiments

Google has announced a new tool that looks to be a breath of fresh air for webmasters and marketers alike. The tool, currently being referred to as “Content Experiments”, will serve as a replacement for Google Website Optimizer, which is being discontinued, and live inside the company’s popular free analytics software Google Analytics in the […]

Google Panda Recovery Tips After A Year of Updates

I’m sure many of you remember Google Panda (February 2011), whilst this update took place well over a year ago we’ve been asked on many occasions to create a post providing recovery tips. I know that there are many of you still trying to recover from the effects of Panda and the consequent updates that […]

6 Panda Killing Tips To Optimize Your Blog After Google Panda Update

The latest Google Panda update is no doubt hurting a lot of bloggers, I for one can report a 20% decrease in traffic in the last two weeks, (I was hoping the Easter holidays might have had something to do with the traffic drop). One of the things that many SEO specialists believe is that […]

Why Should Marketers Take Note Of Google Improving Related Image Searches?

In this post Edith Li talks about why marketers should take not of Google making improvements to Google related image searches – Over the years we have watched search evolve beyond a tool that helps users find interesting web pages via the internet. It has become more specific, targeted, and relevant to the user’s interest. […]

How Could Marketers Integrate Google Goggles Into Their Marketing Campaigns

In 2009, Google launched Google Goggles, a mobile app that takes an image-based approach to search. By using image recognition technology, it allows a user to snap a picture of a document, book, CD, or other object and pull up relevant results about the item. While this interesting tool has yet to make a huge […]

How to Backup Your Gmail to Your Hard Disk in 5 Easy Steps

How to backup your Gmail… In today’s short tutorial I want to show you how you can easily create a backup of your Gmail, (your emails, Gmail contacts) using Mozilla’s Thunderbird email software. If you don’t have Thunderbird already installed onto your computer, that’s ok as you can access it here… In this tutorial we’re […]

Dissecting The Google SERPS

It seems ironic that Google, the pioneers of minimal and simple now have a search results page that is jam packed with information just fighting for your attention. Users now have so many options and filters to refine what they are looking for that top position in the organic listings no longer guarantees lots of […]

How Does Google Panda Change the Page Ranking Scenario?

Google Panda – There has been spoken a lot of about Google Panda updates (the name is due to its apparent targeting content farms). The change has been implemented to enhance the whole search quality by tidying out on low quality websites. Google has now brought to heel those websites which offer little to its […]

Google Panda Update December 2011

Google Panda Update December 2011 – Have you been affected? Word is getting around the web that Google may have rolled out a recent ‘minor’ Panda Update… although Matt Cutts may have stated that there wouldn’t be a ‘major’ update lined up for the rest of 2011, it doesn’t rule out a possible ‘minor’ update. […]

How To Overcome Google Panda: 10 Tips For Bloggers

Google Panda – As most of you are already aware, Google is on an ongoing mission to improve the way its search engine ranks content on the web, by making needful changes to its algorithm. These updates are occurring quite frequently. Many of you may have experienced an increase in traffic whilst many of you […]