3 Common Email Marketing Questions Answered

Hey everyone and welcome to the 655th post on Magnet4Marketing and today we’re going to be talking email marketing, and in particular I want to provide some practical answers to three common email marketing questions. Please also feel free to add some of your own answers in the comment section below after reading. What’s the […]

7 Ways How NOT To Do Email Marketing

In the right hands, the email can be a very powerful marketing tool. When done correctly, email marketing can help your business reach a wider audience, increase readership to your blog and help to increase your conversion rate at minimum costs. The effectiveness of email marketing also depends on several major factors including – The […]

Maximize Your Blog Readership with Better Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be a seductively new and inherently sexy blog promotion tool—that would be social media. Nevertheless, in the right hands it’s hard to beat email marketing for sheer effectiveness. But making sure your email marketing efforts help your blog promotion requires you to use some common sense. These may be simple tactics, […]

Top 5 Placements For Your Email Opt-In Form

One of my goals for 2011 has been to build a large list of email contacts for my blog, and whilst it’s also been one of the most challenging aspects of online marketing for me personally, I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way, mostly thanks to the help of other internet […]

Integrating Effective Email Marketing Into Social Media Success

It’s not hard to identify individual marketing tactics that are essential for effective marketing. Taking those tactics and successfully integrating them into an overall marketing strategy that works consistently isn’t always easy. But if you can consistently produce good content and harness the power of email marketing, you can leverage those marketing essentials into a […]

5 Social Media Tactics For Email Marketers

Email is a tool that that the majority of adult internet users access every day, which is why email marketing is so effective. Email marketing is time-efficient, cost-effective, builds relationships and boosts sales. And now, social media marketing is on the rise for similar reasons. The 2011 MarketingSherpa Social Media Marketing Benchmark Survey reported that […]

Tips For Choosing An Autoresponder Service

There are several factors and features which should be considered when selecting an autoresponder service. First and foremost, you will want unlimited hits. All autoresponders are designed to process large quantities of data fast and easily. However, if you have to pay every time someone requests for information from your autoresponder, you will find it […]