Customer Retention – Why Is It Important To Keep Hold Of Your Online Customers

If you’d like to become a guest writer for Magnet4Marketing you can find out more here. Simply read our guest author guidelines before registering. Your account will immediately be approved to a contributor once you have registered. Your posts will be published once you have fulfilled the profile requirements So far, getting more and more unique […]

10 Effective Ecommerce Traffic Building Tips You Need To Know

I believe that eCommerce traffic building is a lot more challenging than building traffic to any other type of website or a blog even… With an information based website or blog, your aim is to build traffic and encourage that traffic to engage and interact with you and other readers, whilst in an eCommerce environment, […]

42 Ways to Generate More Sales Online

Generating more sales is becoming more and more challenging in this current climate. Generating traffic to your business is one hurdle, converting a percentage of that traffic into sales is completely another. So how can you get more conversions from your current flow of traffic? Here are 42 tips or suggestions to get you started […]

Promote Your Online Sales Page: 5 Powerful Methods

How do you promote an online sales page? – You’ve thought about holding a sale on your website, cool.  Having a sale is a great way to increase revenue and clear out some old stock. So you’ve created what you believe to be the most attractive and complete sales landing page possible, you’ve created original […]