The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Creating Smarter eBooks

Creating Smarter eBooks
Every serious blogger that is dedicated to building a profitable blogging business will have some sort of eBook or information product to offer to their blog readers.  What is it about a good eBook or a free report that we all love to get our hands on?  It’s the information inside of course, if it’a valuable enough and people want it badly, they’ll get it!

Yes, an eBook can serve many valuable purposes, including being used as a powerful marketing tool.  An incentive for enticing visitors that are interested in reading your content frequently, to signup to your email list.  If your blog does not have an eBook to offer for what ever reason, here are some of the things you could potentially be missing out on folks -

  • The opportunity to promote and increase brand visibility (your blog)
  • The opportunity to provide even more value to your blog readers
  • The opportunity to increase your email opt-ins and grow your email list like never before
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your niche or industry
  • The opportunity to build and strengthen your relationships with your blog readers
  • The opportunity to monetize and profit from your blog more effectively
  • The opportunity to drive more targeted traffic to your blog

Does all of those things sound like the things you want for your blog?  Yes of course!  So what can you do about this?  Simple, take action and start creating your very own series of powerful eBooks today! And the guide to help you achieve all of this? The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Creating Smarter eBooks of course.

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What’s inside Creating Smarter eBooks?

Awesome content! For just under $6, you don’t just get almost 40-pages of awesome content, but you also get to read about my tips, my valuable insights, my personal strategies and methods on eBook creation.  I share with you everything that I know and that I’ve done, and still do today, to create powerful, smarter eBooks for my blog and my readers.

Here’s what’s inside the Ultimate Guide to Creating Smarter eBooks - ​

  • An in-depth chapter on why you should create your own eBooks, and how they can assist you in achieving greater success with your blog
  • Finding a topic idea for your eBook, researching and asking your audience what they really want to know about
  • Where and how to get content for your eBook
  • eBook creation tips, writing your eBook, editing, systematically organizing the content and putting everything together nicely
  • Creating an eye-popping eBook cover design, without using Photoshop, (using free tools)
  • Converting your eBook into PDF, ePUB, Amazon Kindle format using free online tools, plus tips and tricks
  • What to do with your eBook, to sell or to use as a powerful incentive for getting people onto your email list?
  • Creating ‘buzz and curiosity’ before launching your eBook into the blogosphere, getting others to promote your eBook
  • Getting your sales / lead capture pages ready and prepared before launching your eBook
  • Getting testimonials for your eBook
  • Writing your eBook pre-launch post and official launch post
  • Creating a powerful email campaign with email templates provided
  • Harnessing the power of video and social media to create even more buzz and hype, and to further promote your eBook, plus much more…

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If creating an eBook for your blog has been something you’ve been planning to do for some time now, but are too scared to make the move, or if it’s something that you’ve been putting off for another day, Stop! Stop wasting valuable time and take the plunge.  Take action and get your copy of Creating Smarter eBooks today for just under $6

Here’s to your continued blogging success -

Fabrizio Van Marciano (Author, Blogger, Business Owner)

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Money Back Guarantee: Creating Smarter eBooks comes with my personal 30-day money back guarantee, so if for any reasons what so ever you don’t find the content inside to be of any use to you, or you’re simply not happy with your purchase, simply drop me an email and I’ll refund you the full amount with no questions asked.

Disclosure: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Smarter eBooks contains tips, strategies and methods on eBook creation that has worked for me (author, Fabrizio Van Marciano). I’m in no way guaranteeing that any of the tips and methods contained inside this guide will also work for you. Please do not just read this guide without taking action! eBook creation takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time and patience. Folks, you will gain as much out, as much as you’re prepared to put in. The results obtained will greatly depend on how much work you are willing to put into creating your eBooks, how skilful you are at writing amongst a variety of other factors.