March 16, 2011

Week Roundup | Getting to grips with WordPress!


// Well it has been an interesting and exciting week here at the Magnet Camp. We’ve settled pretty well with the blog moving over from Moonfruit and we’ve been really busy writing some great informative posts both on the subject of business marketing and a few WordPress blogging tips as well. Social Media Marketing This [...]

Awesome WordPress Share & Follow Plugin for your Blog!

Share and Follow

// I’ve been somewhat searching for a more affective social plugin for my blog in an attempt to attract more RSS readers and whilst doing my normal search on I came across an awesome bit of kit from Share & Follow. The plugin that I’m about to mention is as is a simple WordPress [...]

How to Set Up WordPress on your Smartphone!

WordPress on Galaxy S

// Here’s a small ‘How-to’ tip, If like myself you spend the majority of your weekends away from the desk and sometimes maybe longer! Here’s a smart tip into how you can setup WordPress on your Android or iPhone so that no matter where you are in the world you can still make time to [...]

5 Steps to a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog!

Get a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog!

// Ok a nice and simple post for those who keep asking me, how can I get a self-hosted WordPress blog? Here is the breakdown as simple as I can possibly write it. In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how you can create your blog and host it using Blue Host. If you want [...]

Adding AdSense to your Church Child Theme WordPress Blog

Monetise your Blog!

// In this short post I’d like to share with you several ways in which you can add AdSense ad units to your Church Child theme WordPress blog. If you’ve just installed your Church Child theme with Genesis Theme framework and want your ads to be shown on your blog accordingly, here are some steps [...]

M4M Week Roundup | From Moonfruit to WordPress! Logo

// This week has been a pretty challenging week as I’ve been working my socks off until the early hours of the morning transferring my blog (Magnet4Marketing) from Moonfruit to WordPress. Since Moonfruit does not have a content management system every single post had to be transferred manually thankfully I only had 60 odd posts [...]

How to Install Genesis Theme Framework & Church Child Theme into WordPress

Genesis Theme Framework

// Genesis Theme Framework brings a new dimension to building visibly stunning professional looking websites and blogs using WordPress. Having recently invested in the software myself I cannot tell you enough that it is easily one of the best investments that I’ve made in online website building tools for over 6 years. I am currently [...]

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