March 7, 2011

Week Roundup: Back in the Swing of it all!

M4M Ad2

This week I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally shaken off my dreaded Swine flu and we’re now back in the swing of things with business starting to boom as well as getting creative with bringing you some top business marketing, blogging and website design tips here at Magnet4Marketing. Let’s take a look at what [...]

Weekly Roundup: Christmas Week – Business Marketing – Blogging Tips

Stacy Keibler Christmas Elf

// Another week gone and this is the last week before Christmas. We’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks getting everything organised, and shortly after Christmas we’ll be heading off north for our festive banters, so I might be tempted to upload a video blog from the north of England. // Ok let’s review [...]

Weekly Roundup – Blogging Tips 101

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – Blogging Tips 101 Well another week has passed once again and we’re even closer to Christmas than ever which is an obvious thing. This week we’ve been busy once again holding fort on our online art business and bringing you some top blogging tips on M4M.  Ok so let’s take a look [...]

Weekly Roundup – Mr Frosty Makes a Sharp Visit!

Coffee & Laptop

Weekly Roundup – Mr Frosty Makes a Sharp Visit! Another week gone by and yet another week closer to Christmas and indeed the new year and I can barely contain my excitement. Last week we saw enough snow to last us the whole winter and so this week there’s a spring feel to the air [...]

Week Roundup: The Snow Blogger!

// Another week gone, another week closer to Christmas, and here’s to hoping that all our US readers has had a great thanksgiving. It’s just started snowing here in the UK and it’s looking quite picturesque as I’m writing this, however it’s pretty cold too. Ok this week we’ve been pretty busy yet again and [...]

Week Roundup: Blogging The Winter Blues!

Blogging in Winter!

We’ve missed last week’s roundup post simply because of how overwhelmingly busy we’ve been with our online art business. So this is a general review of some of the articles and discussions we’ve looked at over the last two weeks if you like at Magnet4Marketing dot Net. Many small online ecommerce businesses like ourselves will [...]

Week Roundup | Getting to grips with WordPress!


// Well it has been an interesting and exciting week here at the Magnet Camp. We’ve settled pretty well with the blog moving over from Moonfruit and we’ve been really busy writing some great informative posts both on the subject of business marketing and a few WordPress blogging tips as well. Social Media Marketing This [...]

M4M Week Roundup | From Moonfruit to WordPress! Logo

// This week has been a pretty challenging week as I’ve been working my socks off until the early hours of the morning transferring my blog (Magnet4Marketing) from Moonfruit to WordPress. Since Moonfruit does not have a content management system every single post had to be transferred manually thankfully I only had 60 odd posts [...]

M4M Week Roundup | Vertical Response, Facebook, Analytics & Nokia N8 Week!

Week Roundup!

// Well another week has passed once again in the Magnet4Marketing camp here in England and so we began this week with a look at Google Analytics alternatives, at least my top 3 most recommended alternatives. If you’ve been using the Analytical reports generated by Google to work on your ROI and want to try [...]

M4M Week Roundup | Creating an eBook & Promoting Products Online!

Week Roundup

// It’s been yet another busy week at Magnet4Marketing as we fast approach the autumn season. The leaves are turning and as we reap the fruits of our labour we look forward to the coming festive season and grasping at the opportunity of making good business from it. So what have we offered to our [...]

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